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Innkeeper Instructions

Innkeeper is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and build structures.

Innkeeper Walkthrough

Innkeeper is a business management game where you play the titular role of an inn in the Philippines. This strategy game features colorful graphics, simple mouse controls, and references to Filipino culture.

The primary objective of Innkeeper is to build your business from a small inn to a booming hotel. This is done by keeping your customers satisfied and accomplishing goals. Goals include building rooms, leveling up your staff, and getting rated by customers. Accomplishing goals unlocks new options and family members which can be used to turn your business into a bustling hotel! Building a business is hard work, but fortunately, your progress is saved in this strategy game, so you won't have to do it in one sitting.

The first few days of Innkeeper serve as a tutorial to help you to learn the basics of the game. I advise you to follow the tutorial to the letter. Although you may get the hang of things before the tutorial ends, it is best not to build anything, make any assignments, or upgrade any of your rooms until told to do so, otherwise you may find yourself wasting money having to build over what you placed!

In Innkeeper, the customer is always right. Pay attention to the comments that customers make as they check in and check out of your hotel. If they complain about the lack of a furnishing, be sure to purchase that furnishing so that they will be happy on their next visit. You can also click the information button on the left side of the screen (the button labeled by a blue circle with a question mark, '?' inside) to read more information about your customers as well as your family members.

Speaking of family members, you must assign the right person for each job in this strategy game. A family member with a high charisma rating (represented by the number adjacent to the heart icon) will serve well in marketing or as a receptionist. Family members with high speed and industry ratings (represented by the boot and fist icons respectively) work well as cleaners. Your family members may not be the best workers at first, but they will level up after working their jobs for a few days.

Unlike similar hotel management games, Innkeeper allows players to control every aspect of managing the business. This makes the game more complex, but casual players will still be able to enjoy this addictive strategy game!