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Ink Ball Instructions

Point and click to control ink objects. These range from simple platforms to elastic bands; the goal of each level is to fill a pot of ink. Make sure you fill it before the time limit runs out, or else you'll have to start over.

Ink Ball Walkthrough

Ink Ball is a strategy game that combines elements from many drawing games - and combines them with a puzzling premise. There are 40 levels to play through, and each level has a time limit. So you'll have to work hard if you want to beat this strategy game - but you'll have to know what you're doing as well.

Each level in Ink Ball starts out the same. There's a starting point, where the ink drops, and an end point - where you have to land the ink. You'll be able to build and rotate special platforms, as to direct the ink. Some platforms are bouncy, while others are straightforward, and have no bounce. But in each level, you'll only have a set amount of platforms to build. All the while, ink is running out at an alarming rate - and you'll have to fill the end point of the level, an ink well, before it runs out.

As the levels go on, the difficulty increases greatly. While the first few levels in this strategy are fun, they become down right maddening as the game goes on. Ink Ball is great for any gamer that likes to have fun - with a certain amount of difficult. And for any gamer looking for a challenging, trying to complete all 40 levels in this strategy game will keep you busy for a long, long time. If you do get stuck, however, there's an in-game link to a walkthrough you can read. They'll help out a great deal - if you need help - but more experienced gamers probably won't need them.