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Imperium Instructions

Just like most strategy games out there, Imperium is played entirely with the mouse. As long as you know where to point and click, and as long as you know what action does which, you are good to go. BUT don't let the easy-as-pie control scheme deceives you. After all, this is a strategy game where good decision making and problem solving skills are needed to win. Nah, it's not one of those online and flash-based games where pure finger-speed wins the day. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Imperium Walkthrough

Create an awesome and fierce army and send it to battle. Manage and keep your resources in abundance. Import and export goods for that much needed income. And ultimately, wage war against other empires and control the whole Dogland Island - this is your ultimate objective in Imperium!

Beefed up with the most popular elements from RPG and real time strategy games, there are A LOT of stuff that you need to know in Imperium if you want to come out victorious. Let's have a closer look at the City Board and Interface before anything else:

On the rightmost part of the City Board, you will find A LOT of important buttons that you need to know like the back of your hand. Just right below the City Name, you will see the 'Building Buttons'. This shows you what buildings you can build, and to start establishing one, just click on one of them and drag it into the field. On the bottom most part of the same section, you will find the 4 different City Maps that allow you to explore the contours and landscape of the city. This is very handy when determining where to strategically place your MOST important structures.

Resources / City Goods: Without these, even the largest and most powerful armies would eventually starve. No matter how grand your plan is, if you don't have the resources to back it up, making progress would be as slow as a snail. It's important that you know which resources do what. There's money (indicated by the bar of gold) which is used for paying soldiers and workers. Food, on the other hand, is for feeding your citizens and military forces. There are raw materials like iron and wood which is necessary for building structures and creating weapons.

Weapons are also considered resources. Your armory should have swords (which is good for close range combat) and arrows (meant for long range attacks) in great numbers. In the same vein, people such as soldiers and workers are also very IMPORTANT assets of your city. Think about it, what's the point of having A LOT of gold, swords, arrows, and raw materials if the number of people who will put them to good use can be counted by your fingers. YES, it's important that you keep human and 'non-human' resources in good balance.

Tips And Tricks You Shouldn't Be Without!

(1) Always keep an eye on your city's goods and resources. Don't let their amount become negative. If you see a down arrow beside a resource, then that means its amount has decreased. It is recommended that you build a structure that produces those resources.

(2) When you are playing Imperium at the Hard and Impossible level, your soldiers (regular ones, super soldiers, witches, catapults, etc.) all need daily wage. The more soldiers you have, the less money you will make. This isn't one of those strategy games where just amassing units would cut it. You need to keep your income and military units in good balance.

(3) If you move your army to another city, you should pay attention to the number of workers you have there. You don't want your soldiers leaving the city due to the lack of provisions where workers play an important role. Build more houses to increase your number of workers as soon as you can. Alternatively, you can take workers from your other cities and villages to the battlefield to aid your army.

(4) It is advisable that you conquer all of the cities located on the borders first before focusing on those that are in the middle of the Dogland Island. This makes it easier for you to launch attacks and sieges, and it's also easier to transport goods and workers.

(5) Don't be too aggressive with your expansion. What I mean by this is that you should focus on stabilizing everything on a city before conquering another one. The sign of stability is indicated by all of green and up arrow signs... showing good growth and increase in all 'departments'. If you make the mistake of leaving the city right away before stabilizing it, conditions could deteriorate... workers and soldiers might abandon the city.

Sims and Starcraft combined in one neat package - this is Imperium. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest online and flash-based strategy games you could lay your hands on. It's not easy let me remind you, and it's not for everyone. HOWEVER, if you are up for a challenge like the one that Imperium offers, you are in for a treat.