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I Have 1 Day Instructions

Playing I Have 1 Day is as simple as it could get. Just like many of the strategy games out there, you just need to use your mouse to interact with the game. Click through the dialogue to know what EXACTLY is going on. Click on the objects to interact with them, pick them and add them to your inventory... and those are just some of the things you can do with your mouse in this strategy game. You can use the inventory items or other objects found in the scene. Looking at the lower right section of your screen, you will find 2 important buttons: (1) First, you will find the clock and this will show what hour you're in within the day. Keep in mind, you only have 1 day so every waking hour is IMPORTANT. (2) To the left of that, you will find the logbook. This is where you keep notes of what you did throughout the day. Through this logbook, you can rewind to the beginning or end of a previous hour, and all you need to do is click on the hour located at the top of the page. Beneath that, you will find the controls for sound and for pulling up the menu button. What's surprising in this game is that the sounds are very important! Well, I won't explain why as that would spoil the game. BUT believe me, you want to leave the sounds on.

I Have 1 Day Walkthrough

As the name suggests, you only have one day in this game. Not three, not two... just one. 24 hours is all of you have left to do it. "Do what?" you may ask while scratching your head. Well, that's the mystery. You need to find that out on your own. You have been beaten and knocked down. Now, you find yourself in a prison cell and there's some sort of coronation to happen in less than 24 hours.

You need to point and click around to see what's going on and discover what you should do. Well, if you die in the process, that's OK. You only have one day BUT you can go through that over and over again until you solve the game's ultimate puzzle and the smaller mysteries contained in it. Yeah, this game is as puzzling and as messy as it could get. And that's precisely why this game is FUN!

As for your first priority, you should figure out who you are, what on earth you are doing in a prison cell, and what you need to do about it. After that, you need to know what you should do to "do" it. Finally, you need to figure out how to get it done within a very short time frame. A lot vague questions, don't you think? Well, all of those questions will become clear when you play the game.

There are many endings in this game. The very BEST one requires that you execute a perfect performance, and NOT wasting any time in the process. There's also a less-than -optimal ending... which is close to the best one BUT not quite. If you manage to figure things out and correct the MAJOR mistake in the game, BUT not in time to stop the antagonist from putting his evil plan into motion, this is the ending that you would get. As for the rest, they are just short descriptions and different ways of dying.

The puzzles in this strategy game can get REALLY tricky, BUT ultimately, they are logical. When you can't seem to make any progress, the usual trick of "Click On Everything and Rub everything on everything!" (longer term for trial and error) is your best buddy. True, that will occasionally kill you. BUT hey! When you die, a crucial piece of information is revealed to you. In the end, it's all good... dying is a part of the learning process in this puzzling strategy game.

Summing things up, the game is oozing with a LOT of charm... and the puzzles provide buckets of mind-twisting fun. It's the sort that would make you jump out of your seat and shout: "Gotcha!" when you figure it out. I also love the pixel graphics as well as its writing. The "Almost There BUT Not Quite" sort of ending is also good... thanks to the funny pictures and credits at the end. Yes, you only have one day of fun... BUT you can have it over and over and over again!