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Hacker vs Hacker Instructions

Primarily a tower defense game, Hacker Vs. Hacker is just like other strategy games out there when it comes to the control department. For just about anything, you need to use your mouse: (1) For building up your defenses, (2) Researching malwares and other offensive weapons, (3) For upgrading your existing towers, and those are just to name a few. Let's have a closer and more in-depth look at the game...

Hacker vs Hacker Walkthrough

The goal in this strategy game is as straightforward as it could get: you need to destroy your enemy's defenses while surviving their attacks. HOWEVER, in his battle between Hacker vs. Hacker, where your opponent has the same resources as you do, achieving that goal is a different story.

First, let's take a closer look at the virtual battlefield. The screen is divided into 2 parts: (1) First you have the upper attack grid. As the name suggests, this serves as a springboard for your offensive. This is where you launch your malwares and viruses to create havoc and chaos in your opponent's PC. (2) The lower grid, on the other hand, is for defensive purposes. This is where you will plant your anti-malware turrets and defenses to keep your PC safe from virus infestation.

Remember, each time a malware reaches the end of its attack grid, the target PC on that grid takes some damage. HOWEVER, you still have the super bullet to save you if your turrets prove to be ineffective. The super bullet is indicated by the flashing LED. If a malware reaches the end of the grid, the super bullet will be fired and every single virus on that line is obliterated. Keep in mind, though, that it won't be active until the next level.

The Basics Of Defending: Placing a turret is done by clicking on an active icon first, which located at the defense bar at the bottom part of the screen. There, the icon of the selected turret will follow the mouse's pointer. When you are ready to place it, just click where there is an active and green cell.

Of course, you want to know as much as possible about the turret you are about to plant. To do just that, hover your mouse over the icon, there will be a tooltip that will explain the characteristics of the turret. By the way, the icon will be clouded if you cannot buy it for any reason, and the tooltip will tell you in RED why precisely.

Beefing Up Your Defenses: There are different tower and defensive upgrades in the game. To check them out, or to see if there's available upgrade, just check the tooltip that appears whenever you hover your mouse over the turret's icon.

Repairs: With a hacker throwing all its resources against you, some of your defenses and turrets will sustain damage. When that happens, you can repair it by clicking the wrench button. Keep in mind, however, that this will cost you some precious and hard earned money.

For repair all of your turrets at once, just click on the wrench button located at the lower part of the game screen. This, naturally, will cost more. Check how much the total cost is. This is shown under the repair button. Now, if there are no damaged turrets, or if you don't have enough money to get the whole job done, then the button is disabled. You may have to do it 'a la carte' probably.

Launching An Offensive: Before you can launch an attack, you should have available malwares in the bar at the top first and foremost. At the start of the game, you won't have any malwares at your disposal and you need to research them first. Once that is done, it will be available at the end of the level.

To launch a malware in the attack grid, you should first click on its icon, or press the corresponding hot key. This is shown at the top right corner of the icon by the way. Next, click on the desired slot. Doing so will compile the virus and launch it on that line. Viruses and malwares differ in potency and resilience. You definitely want to check what each virus does before researching them and launching them into battle.

Researching inactive malwares is done by pressing the hotkey. You can find out its hotkey by looking at the top right of the malware icon. If you have enough resources to fund the research, it will proceed. Once it is done, the icon will now become active... and the malware is ready for battle!

A battle between 2 guys who have the same resources, 2 guys who have the same line of defense and offense available to them, a Hacker vs. Hacker match-up is always interesting. Are you witty enough to destroy his system? It's about time you find out.