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Greyhound Tycoon Instructions

Greyhound Tycoon is controlled by using the mouse. Follow in-game instructions and use the mouse to interact with the game's interface.

Greyhound Tycoon Walkthrough

Greyhound Tycoon is a tycoon game that allows you to manage a greyhound in dog races (without having to worry about animal rights activists!). This management game features lovely graphics, great audio, and captivating gameplay.

The goal of Greyhound Tycoon is to become the most famous Division 1 dog trainer. To do this, you must train and care for your dog, have your dog win at the races, and keep abreast of your weekly expenses. If you cannot pay your weekly bills twice, then you will lose the game!

At the beginning of Greyhound Tycoon, you are given the choice of four different dogs, each with their own characteristics. Choose the dog that appeals to you the most; I chose the second dog because it had the best mood and highest speed. After you have selected and named your dog, you are ready to begin this management game.

Each day in Greyhound Tycoon consists of eight hours. You must plan activities wisely to help your dog to increase its statistics as well as earn money to keep food on the table and stay on top of your weekly expenses. Click on various buildings in the town to complete activities such as working, training, advertising, and more. When you are ready to end your day, click on your home, then click on the bed to get some rest and go on to the next day.

As with most games in the tycoon game genre, you will have to start from humble beginnings and work your way up to the top in Greyhound Tycoon. Working at the petting zoo for five hours a day will help you to earn some money in the beginning of this management game. Later on, when your dog has attained more fame from racing, you may make more money by doing photo-shoots. Money is used to go on trips to enhance your dog's performance, as well as buy food and supplies to keep your dog healthy and happy. I advise buying the good "dawg" food, and a Frisbee for starters.

Every week in Greyhound Tycoon, a race is held. You are given the option to race or to decline. If you choose to decline, you dog will lose fame, so I suggest running every race that you can unless your dog is in very bad condition. If your dog places in first, second, or third, you will gain fame. You may also decide to bet on the races for a chance to win money. A dog may be a man's best friend, but you don't necessarily have to be your dog's best friend; you can bet on other dogs if you so choose!

If you've ever wanted to be the manager of a racing dog without having to deal with animal rights organizations, then Greyhound Tycoon might be a game to look into. This tycoon game will certainly keep your attention and provide you with hours of entertainment!