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Goblanesh Instructions

To select an element click it with the left mouse button. To place the element, hold down the left mouse button, drag it into place using the mouse and place it by releasing the left mouse button.

Goblanesh Walkthrough

Goblanesh is an excellent puzzle strategy game in which your goal is to get from point A to point B, or in this game, from Start to Goal, using the elements you are provided with. There are no fancy upgrades to save money for. There are no enemies attacking you or trying to destroy your ship or your base. You are simply trying to navigate through space. The premise behind the game is fairly simple, as it is with most puzzle strategy games, but what makes it really appealing is the story that goes along with the game as well as the truly challenging nature of some of the levels. Basically, you are a Gobla; a member of an advanced race of people who have two brains which they've used to master space travel. The only problem they've encountered is that while they are able to travel quickly through space by jumping, they can not say the same for their ship. In a nutshell, the problem is this; Gobla people are fast but their ships are not. That simply will not do. They need to find new ways to get to their destinations. They've devised a plan - using their ships to get to the starting point and then jumping from element to element to reach their goal. It is up to you to place these elements. The more elements you use and the longer the route you create, the higher your score will be.

The right side of the screen in Goblanesh offers you a variety of elements. Your goal is to place those elements on the stage (the grid) to create a route that will go from the starting point (start, obviously) to the ending point (goal). You are given only a limited number of pieces to complete this mission but every mission can in fact be completed. Although the game starts off pretty easily, as you progress things get much more difficult. As is the case with most puzzle strategy games, you will need to think hard to find the best solution to the puzzle. In time, you'll find yourself improving and challenges you once would've found difficult will seem much easier. This is a game that is about learning from your mistakes and adjusting your plan when something isn't working properly. Everyone will be able to get through this game as long as they have a little bit of patience. At the bottom of the right side of the screen, you'll see the reset button. This might be a button you become very familiar with as you play but fear not - you can reset each level as many times as you need to in order to pass it. Once you think you have the right solution, click 'go for it' (right above reset) and see if you were successful. It's worth noting that the longer your course is, the more points you will get for it. If you can, use all of the elements you are given. This will give you the longest possible solution and the highest possible score.

Goblanesh offers point bonuses (blocks with numbers on them) you can collect in some of the levels that are well worth getting if you want a high score. This isn't something terribly uncommon in the world of puzzle strategy games, but like most thing in this game, collecting bonuses is a little bit different. You need to collect the bonuses in the correct sequence or you won't be awarded with points. For example, if there are three point bonus blocks in a level you need to make sure you collect all three and that you collect all three in the right order. Let's say they're numbered one through three. You'll need to collect one first, then two and finally three. Only then will you be rewarded with the bonus points. That often makes it much more difficult to collect the bonus, but you are rewarded well for your efforts. If you can collect all of the bonuses in a level and use all the elements you are given, you will get an excellent score for the level. Use all of the elements in every level and collect all the bonuses you're offered and you'll finish the game with an excellent score. Remember though, you will need to actually hit every element and pass through every bonus, not just have the element placed on the screen.

The best way to do well in Goblanesh is really just to think about each puzzle carefully. Like most other puzzle strategy games online, you really have to be willing to use your brain. There isn't a single puzzle in this game that can't be solved. How far you get is entirely up to you. Pay attention to where you go when you hit an element and figure out which element you need to place and where you need to place it to reach your goal. Decide where you can place any additional elements to make the course a bit longer and to use all of your elements while still being able to reach the end point. The best thing about this game is that once you place an element on your grid, you can see how it works and move it if it isn't doing what you expected it to. In this way, this game is far from a typical puzzle strategy game. The ability to try out an element and move it if you need to makes the game a bit easier without making it so easy you get bored. Finally, don't be afraid to use the reset button. If you've gotten to a certain point and feel there is no way you can solve the puzzle, reset it and look at it from a fresh perspective. Look carefully at the elements you have. The answer is there. You just need to find it.

Overall, Goblanesh is an excellent puzzle strategy game that will challenge you in ways you're not used to being challenged. The goal isn't to solve the puzzle in the fastest possible way and that's really makes this one so different. Newcomers to puzzle strategy games are probably going to have a hard time with this one even through the beginning levels. More experienced players are also going to find this game difficult although they might not have as much trouble as a beginner. This game isn't for those who are easily frustrated. More than thinking, this game requires patience. There will be levels you need to reset several times to find the solution, but stick with it. You will find the answer even if it takes a while. If you're a fan of strategy games or puzzle games, this is a game you need to try - just don't be surprised if you find yourself hooked.