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Being one of the tower defense based strategy games out there, the controls of GemCraft Zero is, well, for the most part, mouse based! Use your mouse, specially the left click button to buy skills and upgrades, install defensive gems that will obliterate those waves of enemy creeps, and those are just to name a few. Nothing really rich or fancy as far as control schemes go. BUT the game play will surely get you addicted. Check it out...

GemCraft Chapter 0 Walkthrough

Serving as a prequel to the original tower defense strategy game, GemCraft: Chaper 0 tells you the story of a wizard who was so entangled... so absorbed in his search for the fabled Gem of Eternity that his fellow wizards decided to cast him out. Alright, that's not the most compelling story around and that is to be expected.

What made GemCraft a HUGE hit though is its unbelievably addictive game play! If you have played GemCraft before, then that's good. HOWEVER, that is NOT necessary to play the game. It comes with a lot of tips and tricks explained throughout the game. Right at the core of GemCraft, you will enjoy a very addictive and deceptively simple gameplay: (1) place magical gems on top of towers (2) let those towers and gems attack the monsters that arrive in waves and head to your base.

Things To Keep An Eye On: If you want to survive and move on to the next level, you better get those upgrades and gems working FAST! Nah, the next creep wave is NOT going to wait until you are ready. You can see when the next one is coming by keeping an eye on the bar located on the left part of your screen. If an enemy creep reaches your base, your mana is damaged.

Mana is everything in this game. You need it to create defenses, beef up towers, etc. If it drops down to zero, it's game over for you.

NOT Your Usual Tower Defense Game: Now, before you dismiss GemCraft Chapter 0 as one of those average tower defense strategy games, get this: winning a battle now grants you experience and level. When you gain a level, you can purchase a wide array of skills that will aid you in your next battle. Heck! It will even unlock new battle modes for each area! This means the game gives you much MORE than just trying to stay alive.

Something For Achievement Freaks: So you are someone who can't play a game without trophies or achievements? Guess what: GemCraft Chapter Zero has a lot of those! There are truckloads of amulets to try - these are awarded for everything from defeating a certain number of monsters or using a certain skill to win a battle.

Long story short, GemCraft: Chapter 0 is here to suck you in its world for the long haul. Well, you can sit and play a couple of rounds when you have the time and continue when it's comfortable for you... all thanks to the save feature. HOWEVER, it will also keep you glued on your seats and make you play for hours on end if you let it!