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Gem Trader Instructions

With $10,000 worth of debt to pay off in twenty days, Gem Trader has you buying and selling gems to glean a profit. Point and click with your mouse to dominate the market of this strategy game; try to pay back your debt as soon as possible, or else risk losing everything.

Gem Trader Walkthrough

Gem Trader may seem like a simple game at first, but it's a strategy game that takes a lot of luck and tricky thinking. The premise is extremely simple - you're in debt, and you need to make money back by buying and selling gems. Since you're a gem expert already, you know what to look out for, and you have access to the market. You'll start out with only $100 in Gem Trader, so you may have to accept a bank loan at the start of the game.

But from then on, it's pure profit - if you pick the right gem, that is. There are eight different types of gems to trade - garnets being the least expensive, and diamonds being massively expensive. You'll have one day to buy gems, sell gems, take out or payback loans, and buy new deposit slots. You'll only have room for ten gems in your inventory, but you can buy up to five slots per day. Since you're only given twenty days in the whole game, though, it's best to buy inventory slots as soon as you can.

Each time you start a new day, you'll see how the market fluctuated, and sometimes you'll get inside tips that can help you out greatly. One day, for instance, diamonds might only be $400 - while the next day, they can be as much as $4995. As long as you buy big and sell big, you'll pay off your debt in this strategy game. But you won't want to stop playing Gem Trader. It's an addictive and rewarding game - and each time you play, the market is completely random, so each game is unique.