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Gazzoline Instructions

Gazzoline is controlled by using the mouse. Click on objects to interact with them. Follow on-screen instructions for more information.

Gazzoline Walkthrough

The first self-service gas station in the United States opened in 1958. Since the 1970s, self-service has been the norm throughout the U.S. (with the exceptions of Oregon and New Jersey, states that do not allow self-service gas stations). Gazzoline is a business game that harkens back to the old days when full-service gas stations were the norm (either that, or this tycoon game is set in New Jersey or Oregon; must be Oregon since there are no guido characters).

The objective of Gazzoline is to make as much money as possible by keeping the customers satisfied. Each level has a required monetary goal to meet. If you meet the goal, you will advance to the next level of this tycoon game; failure to meet the goal results in loss. Your progress cannot be saved, but there are only ten levels in this tycoon game, making it easy to complete in one sitting.

Gazzoline requires only the mouse to control your character. Click and drag cars to position them near pumps. Click on the pump to begin filling the cars with gas. Some customers require additional items such as candy, drinks, or hot dogs. Pick the items off of the counter by clicking them, then deliver them by clicking on the appropriate customer. When the customer is finished, click on them to collect the money, then click on the cash register to deposit it. Be advised that you can only carry one item at a time in this tycoon game (including money)!

After each level of this management game, you can use your money to purchase upgrades. Upgrading your pumps allows you to pump gas faster and speed of the queues. The car wash will help keep customers patient. I strongly advise you to buy speed shows to increase your movement speed. Credit card processing is also useful since it allows some customers to pay without you having to travel all the way to the cash register to deposit the money. Not all customers pay with credit cards, however, so I don't advise buying this upgrade right away.

Gazzoline is a tycoon game with simple controls and instructions, making it great for casual players. He brevity of this management game also makes it appropriate for gamers that just want something to do on a quick break!