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Fureyes Base Defense Instructions

If you have played tower defense and strategy games back then, playing Fureyes Base Defense should be as easy as pie. Do you know how to point and click? Yeah? COOL. Then sit down and dig into this game... a couple of clicks to plant those defensive towers; some more clicks to beef them up with upgrades; then click some more to build more towers, rinse and repeat the whole process until you win the game. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Fureyes Base Defense Walkthrough

FurEyes Base Defense - this game's name sums up what the game is all about. You have your base and there are FurEyes (one-eyed fur-balls who have ill intentions) around it. These critters want to demolish your base and you need to protect it by putting up defensive towers that obliterate any enemy unit that gets close to it.

Your base is located right at the middle of the screen. Be warned, however. Unlike HQs or bases in other tower defense strategy games, this thing cannot be repaired. Once it is damaged, there's no way you can bring it back to full health...PERIOD. Yes, you should take extra care and not let any of those critters get close to it.

Here's how you protect your ever-precious base: plant towers. You can plant a tower in your base and there are a couple of more tower slots / spaces surrounding your HQ. To start building a tower, click on one of the 3 tower icons located on the right hand side of the screen. After that, just click on the spot where you want to establish your defensive structure. When you click on an already established tower, you will find 2 very important icons. One is a wrench, which is for repairing your structure. Unlike your base, towers can be repaired and brought back to full health. The other icon, which is an arrow, is for beefing up and upgrading your tower. As for your base, while you cannot repair it, clicking on it allows you to upgrade it and repair ALL of your towers. The latter is especially important if you are in the middle of a round... and you need to keep your towers in tip-top shape while in tip-top shape.

With limited slots or spaces for towers and with only 3 types of towers at your disposal, it will be a battle that's impossible to win. BUT don't worry! Aside from tower and upgrades, there are magic spells that you can cast... and when it comes to causing devastation to those one-eyed fur-balls, these spells do an A+ job. The 'fire splash' spell, for example, can be used on a bunch of FurEyes clustered together and eradicate them in one swoop. The spells window is just under your score. There are four spell slots in the spell window. How do you fill them? Simple! Kill as many FurEyes as possible. You see, the more enemy units you kill, the more experience points you gain. Once you have destroyed enough FurEyes and gained enough experience points, a '+New' button will appear. Just click on it and it will bring up the Spell Tree where you can pick the spell you want to learn or upgrade. By the way, there are assigned hotkeys for these spells. It's MUCH better and more efficient to use them than to manually click.

Oh! This may sound odd, BUT still it's a nice addition - there are item drops in the game. I know 'drops' are usually just found in RPG and level-up games so integrating it in a tower defense strategy game is quite unique. Anyway, there are white fangs, light feathers, staring eyes, and other mixture items to be found in the game. Just hover your mouse over them to collect them. So what's the point of collecting mixture items? Just like upgrades, mixtures can GREATLY improve your tower's performance and destructive power! The mixture window, by the way, is found at the bottom right part of the screen. To combine items, just click on three items to mix them up at the bottle. To use your concoction, just click on it and click on one of your towers... VIOLA! Now your structure is firing like it's on steroids!

Alrighty! That's about everything you need to learn folks to play the game. FurEyes Base Defense may come across as an average tower defense and strategy game at first. BUT after playing it, you will surely agree that it's a notch or two better than those repetitive and boring tower defense games.

I really would have to commend the developer's smooth way of mixing different elements found in other game genres (level-up, RPG, etc.). The graphics and design is also done nicely... resulting in a nice presentation of the game. As for the music and sound effects, they are OK... they may sound redundant at times BUT that's OK as you can easily switch it off with the Sound and Music button located at the upper left part of the game screen.