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Nothing fancy or complicated about the controls of Frontline Defense 2. If you have played strategy games before, this should be easy for you to play. Just like other games belonging to the same genre, Frontline Defense involves A LOT of mouse work and clicking. From getting the game started, setting up your defenses, keeping the enemy creep waves at bay, and upgrading your defenses... all you need to do is click. Well, of course, you need a lot of wits, too. After all, this is a strategy game!

Frontline Defense 2 Walkthrough

Looking at the game's objective and game play, there's nothing unique about Frontline Defense 2 when compared to other tower defense and strategy games. If you love free form tower defense and strategy games that don't set any perimeters or paths (where you need to do it yourself), you will find Frontline Defense 2 a tad easier. The perimeter here is all 'cut and dried', and all that is left for you to do is strategically place your towers and defenses to ensure maximum damage output.

HOWEVER, don't let that lead you into thinking that this is just an average game. Nah, that's NOT the case. This masterpiece created by showcases one of the best graphics and designs I have ever seen in flash based strategy games. It felt like playing some high-end console game... this one gets 10 out of 10 in this department.

The 'looks' of this game is good, BUT the other important elements are even better... making it stand out from the pool of average strategy games. Upgrades - this is another strong point of Frontline Defense 2. And this game has TRUCKLOADS of it! Instead of one facet of upgrade, there are 3 upgrade aspects for every tower: (1) you can beef up its damage output. (2) You can lengthen its range. (3) Last BUT not the least, you can increase its rate of fire.

Each of the upgrade options can be leveled up not once, not twice, not thrice... BUT 5 times! That ensures you get maximum firepower from each and every tower you install. This also allows you to save A LOT of space and maximize your economy. With the space you have, you can build more towers and install more defenses should the enemies send something you do NOT expect.

Another nicety that I love is the War-Mart! Yes, as the name suggests, this is your one-stop shop for anything you need to win this war. And believe me, you will find yourself visiting this place often. From the War-Mart, you can buy MORE towers, grab more cash which should make it easier for you to cope up with the initial stages, buy more missions to milk money from, and those are just to name a few.

I just want to remind you, in case you are getting confused, the cash you have in the game is different from the cash you can spend on War-Mart. For example, there is the Bonus Start Funds upgrade. With this upgrade which can be purchased for $1000 War-Mart Credits, you will get 200 EXTRA cash as your initial funds. This makes it easier for you to buy more towers and set up your initial defenses... hoping that it would be enough to make short work of the up and coming creep waves. Always make sure that you grab this upgrade before getting started with the missions.

Weapons are also found in the War-Mart: there's the flame thrower that would set your enemies on fire and heat up (and 'soften') tougher enemy units like tanks and enemy vehicles. The flame thrower works hand in hand with the heat seeking missile. Once the enemy vehicle is heated enough, the heat seeking missile will get the job done.

Then there's the Plasma Mortar Canon. This is the nemesis of armored trucks and tanks. If the firepower of this weapon is NOT good enough to destroy the target vehicle, the chemical spanner tossed into the engine will!

And for people who want nothing less than utter destruction, the Napalm Support Strike is a beast you want to have at your disposal. With the power to toast an army regardless of its size, you sure don't want to miss this one!

Boasting nice looking graphics, has a lot of upgrade options, and oozing with action from start to finish: this is Frontline Defense 2! Huge fans of action and strategy games will surely dig this. But don't take my word for it. Give it a shot and see what I'm talking about.