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Flight Instructions

The controls of Flight - one of the more popular launch and strategy games out there is pretty easy. At the start of every level, click and hold on the paper plane, and when you are all set, toss it with the mouse and let it fly. Once you have purchased the rudder upgrade, you can now control the direction and flight of your paper plane. You can either use the directional keys or the W, A, S, and D buttons. As long as you have fuel left, you can control your paper plane. By picking up stars, you gain anywhere from $5 to $20 (for each star) and you can use those to upgrade the plane. On the other hand, the paper cranes can grant temporary multiplier to your funds and even boost and maintain your velocity once you have purchased the paper crane boost upgrade. YES, folks. There are a lot of upgrades in Flight and this is what makes it interesting and stand out from the usual strategy games out there.

Flight Walkthrough

The farther you fling your paper plane, the farther it travels, the MORE distance you cover in one day and the more you will earn for upgrades. So what does this mean? Simple: don't rely on luck. As much as possible, you want to be in total control of your paper plane's flight and direction for as long as possible.

In light of that, there are 4 ESSENTIAL upgrades that you shouldn't skip: (1) General improvements to your plane, which gives it a better structure, lessens the weight, adds more fuel, and those are just to name a few. (2) Better Aerodynamics, this one, on the other hand, makes your plane lighter and allows it to maintain velocity for longer while slowing down it's descent. (3) Fuel Upgrade - this one adds another bar of fuel for your paper plane...allowing you to boost it speed and control it when you have the rudder upgrade. (4) Last BUT not the least, we have the rudder upgrade. This allows you to control your paper plane, although at the cost of some fuel.

The idea here is to launch your plane into the air, tap the space bar button for a second to give it a boost, let your plane fly forward as much as it could. Now when you see your altitude descending quite fast, hit the up directional key and space bar button for like a second or so. This will launch your paper craft up in the air again. Rinse and repeat. Remember, your fuel is limited so you need to keep the consumption as minimal and as economical as possible.

That means not aiming for greater heights. Nah, your progress is NOT measured by how high you have gone. It's measured by how far you have gone. It doesn't matter if your altitude is only 7 meters. As long as your velocity is more than decent, you should be able to cover a lot of distance in a single day.

Oh! One more thing. The secret upgrade - nah, don't bother with it. $3000 should be better spent on the upgrades that I have mentioned. Maybe you want to make your fuel consumption even more efficient or buy the Paper Crane boost upgrade. Anything BUT not the secret and stupid upgrade.