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Feudalism 2 Instructions

The control scheme for Feudalism 2 is quite straightforward and easy to learn like other strategy games out there. For basic movement, you just need to use the good and old W, A, S, and D keys. As for striking down enemy units, you need to hit the Space Bar or insert keys. As for swapping weapons, hitting the Shift key should get the job done. And for picking your Special Attack of choice, pressing any of the number keys 1 to 6 should cut it. While the controls are not as easy as strategy games that are played entirely with the mouse, it should only take a couple 'practice minutes' for it to become second nature. One more reminder before we move on to the 'meatier' part of this write up: you should read through the tutorial. Like a true apprentice who wants to learn the art of his master, you should carefully learn and apply what your teacher teaches you. And don't forget to build up a LARGE army before laying siege to the first city you set your sights on.

Feudalism 2 Walkthrough

Starting as a 'small time' tribal chieftain, your objective in Feudalism 2 is to grow 'larger than life' - build a massive and powerful army that an emperor could only dream of; wield weapons that can level even the grandest and tallest buildings; demolish invincible armies and siege fortified cities; and last BUT not the least, be the ruler of the land!

Coming with the best elements that made the original game - Feudalism, extremely popular, the second installment comes with 'niceties and goodies' from RPG and real-time strategy games / genres that gamers of all ages all came to love. At first, your quest is for survival. You should go on quests and missions with the objective to gain as much money and experience points as you can. True, that's not as lofty as trying to rule the land, BUT that would have to do... at least for now. You see, your hero is not as beefy and strong to begin with. With that in mind, you should use soldiers to take up the front line and fight for you instead. I must remind you that keeping your man alive is your top priority. Don't be a super-hero and sacrifice your character... that's just suicide. Stay behind the front line - throw projectiles, shoot arrows, deal damage from afar, etc. BUT don't you ever risk your guy until he has enough upgraded stats and weapons.

While other game modes within Feudalism 2 are fun, the Conquest Mode is where its at! You will start off conquering small, easy, and defenseless cities... amassing enough resources as you march and then going for the 'bigger fishes' with all that you have. Always keep an eye on the stars a village has. It's an indicator of how stubborn the city's defenses are. The more stars it has, the harder it is for you to conquer.

One important difference between the first game and the second one lies in the spells and special attacks. Back in the first game, you need to rely on enemy drops to fill your arsenal of special attacks and devastating spells. HOWEVER, in Feudalism 2, you can now create your own by forging swords and combining runes. This gives you more control in the game. HOWEVER, that also means you need to constantly refine and upgrade your primary weapons and skills... and this means spending a lot of cash. You may find your army and your hero doing rogue missions to amass enough stat points and 'dough' so you can forge as many times as you need. It pays to have a look at the 'skills and weapons' list.

Beating The Hardest Level In Feudalism 2: OK, I'm not about to give you a point-by-point walkthrough. HOWEVER, the following guide should help you get started in the RIGHT direction...

First off, buy a FULL army and grab as many health potions as you can. Shift clicking gets you 5 potions at a time - that's not too important BUT this helps save time. I would advise that you keep doing rogue quests and focus on those that give you enough cash. As for stat points, I recommend that you save as much as 15 points for your skills. Once you have that much, you should allot 5 points for the Windy Strike, 5 points for Kick, and 5 points for Venom Cloud.

I would upgrade Dexterity and Strength as much as I could and put the rest into far east. Once you have 15 Skills points allotted into the said skills, you should try taking down 2-star towns. Believe me, this should be a piece of cake. If not, then do more rogue quests and amass more stats and 'dough'. From here, it's the same process: (1) do rogue missions (2) get as strong as you can (3) take on harder cities with more stars (4) rinse and repeat steps 1 to 3 until you are powerful enough to rule the land.

The game has no time limit, so you shouldn't rush. Again, keep in mind the tips I have given above: don't be a super hero. Survival of your character is the top priority. And keep forging new weapons as soon and as much as you can.