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Ether of Magic Cards Instructions

Pick a level, select a deck of cards, and prepare to battle your way to victory in this strategy game. With a set amount of health, try and destroy the enemy wizards with well-played cards and traps. Once you've beaten a level, move on to the next challenge, and use your best strategies.

Ether of Magic Cards Walkthrough

Ether of Magic Cards is a fairly basic card battling game. Like many other strategy games, it takes place in a medieval world - and, in that world, you'll have to defeat as many enemy wizards as you can. To do so, you'll need a battle deck. At the start of the game, you'll have a choice of which battle deck you want to play with. There 's an attack deck, a defense deck, and a curse deck.

If you're not used to strategy games, or if you've never played a card battling game before, go with the attack deck. It's a straightforward deck - since, after all, the object of each duel is to defeat your opponent. Once you've got your deck, you'll be shown the world map - and you'll finally be able to start fighting. Some battles will reward you with new cards, while others will give you stat bonuses. As you complete duels, you'll unlock new levels - although they become increasingly difficult as the game goes on.

During a duel, you'll fight back and forth with your enemy. Some cards you can cast will improve your defense, or maybe restore some of your health, while other, more powerful cards will attack the enemy directly. At the start of the game, both you and your enemy won't have much life - so it's a good idea to go straight for the kill.

Even though Ether of Magic Cards is simplistic, it's still a lot of fun. For anyone who has ever played a complicated card battling game, this one will seem like a cakewalk - and that's what makes it enjoyable. With customizable decks, lots of enemies, and secret cards to unlock, this is one strategy game you should definitely check out.