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Diner City Instructions

Diner City is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to click on items in order to purchase them, hire employees, and interact with the game's interface.

Diner City Walkthrough

Diner City is a tycoon game that puts you in control of your very own restaurant franchise. This tycoon game features isometric graphics,

The goal of Diner City is to reach your monetary goal and beat out the competition within an allotted period of days. If you reach your monetary goal before the time period ends, or you have beaten your competitor at the end of the time period, then you will be able to progress to the next stage of the game. In order to reach your goal in this tycoon game, you will have to hire employees, make additions to your restaurant, clean your restaurant, and use side venues to attract customers and rake in the cash!

Diner City allows you to choose between opening a sushi restaurant, and a burger joint. The type of restaurant that you choose to open has no effect on the actual gameplay, but is simply aesthetic. Your computer-controlled competitor will open the type of restaurant that you didn't choose.

When you begin each level of Diner City, you are given a basic restaurant and fifty dollars in your bank account. From these humble beginnings, you must establish yourself as a culinary kingpin! The first move that you will want to make is to hire an extra employee. Having more employees working for you speeds up service and decreases the amount of time that other customers have to wait. If customers are not served fast enough, they will become disgruntled and leave your restaurant!

In order to increase your revenue and expand your business in Diner City, you will have to buy upgrades. Try to notice the upgrades that your competitor has bought, and outdo it! I advise buying the basic upgrades at first, then saving money to buy more expensive upgrades that both expand your seating capacity and revenue per customer. More seats means more customers may be serviced at once. You will also want to hire more employees to ensure a fast service time as your business expands.

In Diner City, the computer-controlled competitor has the advantage of their store never being robbed, and never having to clean their store. To offset this advantage, you are able to buy and place benches, newspaper stands, and ice cream stands. The computer will never buy these items. I advise buying ice cream stands since they both slow down customers and provide an extra amount of revenue. Placing these stands strategically may also allow you to gain some revenue from your opponent's customers, so be sure to note the pattern of movement of both your and your opponent's customers!

Diner City is a wonderful tycoon game that focuses on the competitive aspect of running a business. If you think that you can please your customers and wipe out the competition, try Diner City today!