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Diner Chef Instructions

Point and click with your mouse in this diner-themed game to cook food and serve customers. Depending on what the customer wants, grab ingredients out of your refrigerator (or just cook some pasta) and serve the meal before the customer becomes angry and walks out. Make enough money within a limited amount of time to get to the next level.

Diner Chef Walkthrough

Diner Chef is a fairly standard strategy game. In it, you own a diner - that much is obvious. You control a chef that has to prepare orders for (mostly) impatient customers. Once you're opened for business, you won't have customers that make orders and sit down patiently - they'll way right by the counter, standing, and waiting for their order.

That's what makes this strategy game so hectic. Since you're the chef, you'll have to know how to prepare orders quickly and efficiently. As you cook an order for one customer, another will walk in - and you'll have to take their order as well. While this isn't really that original of a premise, Diner Chef is a lot of fun for any flash gamer. It's gameplay most gamers know and love, and as the levels increase, it only gets more challenging - and fun to play.

So you'll have to see what orders customers want (they'll appear in a thought bubble), and grab the appropriate ingredients. Sometimes it's rice, and other times it can be meat - stored in your refrigerator. At first, you'll have to guess as to how the food is cooked, but once the levels pick up, you'll know what exactly what you're doing. The object of each day is to reach a monetary target. In the first level, it's only $50 - and you can reach that within three orders.

Everything else you make over the target counts as a bonus. But if you don't make the cash target, you'll have to start all over again from day 1. The cash you earn in each level, as well, can be used to purchase upgrades - which will make cooking orders much easier. With tried and true gameplay, Diner Chef is a fun strategy game that any gamer loves.