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Desert Moon Instructions

Desert Moon is controlled by using the mouse and has optional keyboard shortcuts. Place units by clicking on weapon icons then clicking on the field. Click again to set the rotation of the unit. You can move units in a similar fashion by clicking on them. Press the spacebar to cancel placement. The Q key pauses the game. Additional keyboard shortcuts can be found under the instructions menu.

Desert Moon Walkthrough

Desert Moon is a science fiction strategy game. This defense game features isometric sprite graphics, a well-balanced variety of weapons and support powers, and five levels to survive through.

Desert Moon puts you in the role of the commander of a group of survivors stranded on a hostile desert world. Unfortunately, your crew does not consist of soldiers, but of engineers! You will have to improvise and use tools as weapons to fight off hordes of hostile aliens and prevent them from reaching your ship. Each time an alien reaches your ship, your life support meter will decrease. If this meter reaches zero, then all is lost! Your ship is repairs and your progress is automatically saved at the end of each day in this strategy game.

Desert Moon plays similar to a tower defense game, except that there are no mazes to worry about. Enemies will come from the bottom-right section of the screen and you must defend your ship in the top-left. You can place units by using the mouse between waves. Units cannot be placed during waves in this strategy game, but you can use support powers that will aide you in combat if you have enough resources. Resources are earned by killing enemies or recycling units for seventy-five percent of their worth.

Although the in Desert Moon are improvised, they still get the job done. Nail Gunners are your basic grunt units and will be useful in just about every battle. Flare Gunners provide excellent artillery support, but they have a low firing rate so they are not fit for frontline fighting. As you progress, you will unlock new units and support powers to help keep the enemies at bay. You will have to formulate your own plan in this strategy game, but I can tell you that you should minimize gaps in your firing line. Hold the E key to view the firing ranges of each of your units. If there is a gap, modify your formation to maximize coverage.

Desert Moon is an entertaining and addictive strategy game that will keep you busy. If you manage to beat Desert Moon on its easy difficulty level (which is still a challenging feat), why not try beating it on medium or hard?