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Crush the Castle 2 Instructions

The controls of Crush The Castle 2 is the same as in the previous strategy games of the same name. Click once to get your trebuchet going. And when you are all set, click again to release its deadly package towards the enemy. Again, timing is everything in this game. When you release too early, your trebuchet may send the rock over the castle. When you release too late, it will thud harmlessly into the ground. FAIL! However, once you get a good shot, that's when things get interesting and really fun! It will smash into the castle, causing it to topple into the ground. The guys inside - those medieval folks, will burst into a red blob and leave behind a tiny tombstone.

Crush the Castle 2 Walkthrough

The creators of these strategy games, Crush The Castle and Crush The Castle 2, sure knows the word improvement. While the sequel has some niceties you won't find in the first installment, almost everything else - the core idea and game play, stays the same.

With that in mind, the strategy for this game remains identical to the first installment. With physics based strategy games like this, things are NOT step by step or cut and dried. You have to rely on experience... once you get the hang of it, your shots will be more precise and you will get better. HOWEVER, there are a couple of reminders that will help you play the game a little better.

Reminder 1: Make every shot count. Don't just go willy nilly in throwing those rocks. Make the effort to make your missles hit. You only have a couple of shots at your disposal and with every shot, you want to cause some destruction at least if you cannot do a clean sweep of the area.

Reminder 2: There are a couple of upgrades you have at your disposal. Upgrades for your missiles primarily. You can easily switch from one missile to another. Always read the description of your weapons - this should give you an idea of what power they have and their shortcomings as well. Keep in mind, just like in most strategy games, especially those that are projectile physics based, bigger isn't always better. Don't let the size of a boulder or a missile deceive you.

Summing it up, strategy and game play wise, nothing much has changed in Crush The Castle 2, which I believe is a good thing. You shouldn't fix what's NOT broken. The first installment was an excellent hit precisely because of these elements and retaining these means the latest installment of these strategy games is just as good...or even better!

The only difference that hits you is that the game is trying to have a plot and bring more life to it using characters. Now, the plot and the guys in the game are somewhat odd... they are somewhat absurd. Also, the game has gotten more puzzling. Gone are those levels where you have no choice but to just try to get lucky. Not so in the second installment. Figuring out what to use and where to hit is MUCH more important than trying to be lucky.