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Crush the Castle Instructions

The controls of Crush The Castle - one of the more popular strategy games out there, is simple. All you have to do to get that trebuchet swinging is to hit the left click button once. Now that it's swinging and gaining momentum, you want to release it at some point. Just click again to release the rock towards the castle. During your initial shots, you may send a couple of rocks straight up, straight down, and even backwards! BUT don't worry. Crush The Castle is one of those strategy games where getting the hang of it and experience counts for the just play until you get better. And believe me, you will! HOWEVER, when you do get a good shot, you get to watch the rock fly towards the castle, smash into the brick walls, which then causes mass destruction. YES, a single rock thrown perfectly could kill all of the guys inside the castle and turn the whole grand structure into nothing BUT a HUGE pile of rubble.

Crush the Castle Walkthrough

Crush The Castle - as the name of the game suggests, this is one of those strategy games where causing as much destruction as possible in a single shot is the aim f the game. I have already explained how things work in this game on the controls section. Now, if for some reason you are not able to eliminate all of your enemies with a single good shot, don't worry. Just click on your trebuchet. It will rearm it and it's good to go for another round of rock swinging and slinging.

Let me remind you though: you cannot go willy nilly in throwing those boulders. You only have five rocks, five shots at your disposal to finish that castle before you and all of its inhabitants. When you run out of rocks, you need to retreat and try again. This brings me to a very crucial reminder: make every shot count. As much as possible, make sure that every rock hits and causes destruction if NOT in full. At least, this would wear down the castle's walls and will make it easier for your next throw to bring it down.

Also, along the way, you will unlock different sorts of ammunition and you can easily switch between them at any time. All you have to do is click on the type of ammunition that you want. Keep in mind though, BIGGER isn't always better in strategy games. The same thing can be said with Crush The Castle. HOWEVER, more is usually better!

This is one of those strategy games that will appeal to the inner 5 year old in all of us - that side of us that just wants to knock stuff down... not to prove anything BUT because he can and it's fun. Even if you have finished the game, it's still fun to go back to the earlier castles and use your final weapon - the Triple Bomb, to leave them in dust!

Now, don't take my word for it. Why don't you give it a shot and see it for yourself? Come on! I know you want to.