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Crimson Warfare Instructions

The control scheme for Crimson Warfare is very similar to most real time strategy games out there - use your mouse for just about everything. For building structures, buying upgrades, sending troops into battle, and everything else in between, all you have to do is click the right button in Crimson Warfare.

Crimson Warfare Walkthrough

Like most real time strategy games, the REAL and MAIN aim of the game - Crimson Warfare, is to get your troops moving and send them to attack the enemy. Once they reach the enemy base, it will damage it. Once you have destroyed the enemy's base or headquarters, you win the game!

Being a real time strategy game like Warcraft, Starcraft, etc., there are elements you need to be aware of and have a closer look into if you want to be successful in Crimson Warfare. The 2 MOST important in game elements you need to keep an eye on are (1) the buildings and (2) units that you need for attacking and defending your base.

Buildings: Once the game starts, highlight and select any of the buildings by clicking it and choose which ones you need to construct. Keep in mind, however, that there are some structures that need buildings on the lower part of the tech tree to be built. There's no skipping it so view which are the required structures.

Units, Upgrades, And Weapons: Every building has their own distinct properties. You can use a building to deploy troops, research upgrades, beef up your soldiers, and everything else in between. Click on the building that you want to use. This allows you to view which options you have for training and deploying units, for weapon upgrades, and more.

By the way, these actions need cash. The MORE cash you have, the more units, weapons, and upgrades you can purchase. Your cash increases every second. Quite slow if you ask me so you better spend them on the right units and upgrades. Also, don't make the mistake of just letting your money sit there. Nah, you don't get extra points for having a trust fund in the game. That money counts even less when you get obliterated by the enemy. Use it and use it wisely.

In Conclusion...

Summing things up, Crimson Warfare is a real time strategy game in FLASH, which is fantastic. I couldn't believe it when I first saw the game, BUT it does have all of the basic form and elements of true real time strategy games.

The mechanics, they are similar to that of Starcraft: decide which structures you want to build - you can choose one that gathers resources or one that allows you to deploy 2 types of offensive units: foot soldiers and armored vehicles. The background story even sets up a campaign which is very similar to real time strategy games by Blizzard!

To be realistic, though, it cannot rival Warcraft, Starcraft, and the rest of the gang especially in the graphics design department. HOWEVER, I still can't help BUT be amazed by the impressive use of Flash in this browser based real time strategy game.