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Corporation Inc Instructions

Strategy games - their controls are not as finger twisting, say first person shooting games. Continuing in the same vein, Corporation Inc's control scheme is very easy to handle - just use your mouse for just about anything. Hire employees, grab IT guys, buy upgrades, and everything else in between - your mouse's left click button is your best friend in this game.

Corporation Inc Walkthrough

Sim Towers - who could forget such a game?! Challenging you to build a vertical empire while keeping the balance between installing offices, facilities, residential apartments, garbage disposal, and everything else in between, it's NOT surprising why this strategy game was a HUGE hit when it was released.

So you miss Sim Towers and it's FUN and mind engaging gameplay? Yeah? Well, worry NOT Corporation Inc is here to the rescue. It revives the gameplay of the said classic. HOWEVER, the concept it assumes is very lean - you only need to deal with office environment and the overall goal can be summed up in a sentence: build higher and make more money in the process.

The key in Corporation Inc., which is one of the most popular strategy games in the internet, is to keep your employees happy (BUT within reason though) and productive to keep the cash flowing.

Starting down by grabbing some employees and building a simple office, you need to make sure your employees have all of the resources that they need to keep on tapping (Read: your company's aim is to tap the keyboard and that gets you money).

So how do you start off? After grabbing a couple of computers and employees, you need to hire an IT guy or a team of IT guys later on in the game. After all, you want to make sure the computer they are using is working perfectly fine so they can tap non stop during office hours. The next step to take is to get a janitor to clean up stuff during night time. Come on, nobody wants to work in a land fill!

And to keep them happy and productive, you need some people to relate to their needs and boost their motivation when it's running low. HR staff and supervisors are the guys to get after the IT team and janitors. And don't leave out the Research And Development Department. These guys unlock all of the upgrades in the game - upgrades that can double or even triple your income.

More Tips And Tricks

As I have said, you want your employees to be at their seats as soon as the office hour starts. There are a couple of ways to do it - first off, build an elevator. This makes sure they can get to their desks almost instantly. To make sure they don't astray too far when they do leave, beef up your office with facilities like gym, cafeteria, restrooms, and those are just to name a few. Your button pushers do have lives outside the office...and by installing those facilities, you make it easier for them to get on with whatever they have to do and while making it quick and easy enough to get back to work.

With MORE than a hundred levels and floors to build to win the game, Corporation Inc. Is without a doubt one of the more addictive strategy games you could ever lay your hands on.