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ControlCraft Instructions

ControlCraft is controlled by using the mouse. Click to select buildings. Click and drag to select multiple buildings. Release the mouse button over an enemy building to send half of the units from the building to try to capture it. Holding the control key while releasing the mouse sends all of the units. Move your mouse to the edges of the screen or use the arrow keys to scroll the map.

ControlCraft Walkthrough

ControlCraft is a fast-paced real-time strategy game. ControlCraft features impressive graphics, simple controls, and thirteen levels.

The objective of ControlCraft is to wipe out the enemy forces by conquering their buildings. You must also prevent your enemies from overrunning your buildings! You control the blue forces in this war game. Stages end in victory when all enemy forces have been eliminated, or in defeat if your forces are overwhelmed. This strategy game automatically saves your progress after each victory, so you do not have to beat all thirteen stages in one sitting.

To execute orders in ControlCraft, click on one of your buildings, then drag to the building that you want to send half of the soldiers to. You can click and drag on multiple building to issue the order to units from all of the selected buildings, or hold the control key as you release the mouse button to send all available units from the selected buildings.

It is a good idea to keep some soldiers in reserve as a defense in this strategy game, but a final push using all of your soldiers can sometimes be a good tactic to break the enemy's last stronghold. If a group of your soldiers meets up with a group of enemies while en route to their target, the two sides will exchange fire, with the superior side winning. The survivors will still take damage, however, and it is possible for both combatants to wipe each other out.

Different types of buildings spawn different types of soldiers in ControlCraft. It is important to use the right units for the right job in this strategy game. You can learn about the different types of buildings and the properties of the units spawned by them by reading the instructions by choosing the option on the main menu.

ControlCraft is a strategy game with a simple concept, but challenging and additive gameplay. The thirteen levels of this war game do not take too long to beat, but if you cannot complete the game in one sitting, remember that your progress is saved so you can continue later!