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Colony Instructions

The control scheme of Colony is very much the same with most real time strategy games out there. You will use your mouse...specifically the left click button for the most part - for building structures, deploying units, training soldiers, and everything else in between. Well, you just need to know where to click. :D

Colony Walkthrough

Colony is a REAL time strategy game. That's true. BUT that's also selling the game short. You see, Colony, which is one of the most fun strategy games I have laid my hands on, is unique... drawing inspiration from different and tried and tested game genres that showcases multi faceted game play, which feels familiar without appearing like it.

You can tell that the creator of the game - Krin, loves StarCraft a lot. You can easily tell from the game's roots - it's one of the science fiction, alien, and horror real time strategy games out there. As for plot, there's nothing really thick or hard to fathom about it. You start off by choosing which faction to play. There are 3 factions: (1) Capitalists (2) Communists and (3) Fascists. Every faction has their own story arc in the campaign mode and each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

For example, Capitalists are experts when it comes to producing resources faster. By the way, the bonuses of every army is explained to you when you start the campaign. Soldiers serve as your basic ad starter unit. They should help you buy enough time to produce heavier and far more advanced units like tanks, helicopters, medics, and others.

The Side Scrolling Tactical Aspect: Yes, you have read that right. Colony is also a side scrolling tactical game. When you start a battle, you begin at one end of the horizontal map and your enemy is located on the opposite side. The goal of the game is not really complex. All you have to do is turn your enemy's base into a smoking pile of rubbish. Talk about simplicity!

And here's something that makes the deal even better: Colony is a multiplayer based game! And that holds true even if you are playing a single player campaign! You see, the base belongs to you AS WELL as the AI, who serves as your ally. You can and must work with the AI to destroy the enemy base... and you can expect the enemy to do the same. You can even communicate with the AI, which gives the game play a different aspect you won't find in most real time strategy games. Here's what the creator has to say about it...

"You can talk to them via the chat, and ask them what they are going to build, or what you think they should do. They will let you know what the biggest threat from the enemy is, and if they are about to form an attack group. You can even ask them personal questions like their name and age."

Heck! I would pick these AI players 24/7 out of the noobs you see on multiplayer game servers like Battlenet and GG.

Long story short, this game deserves 2 thumbs up!