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Coffee Tycoon Instructions

Coffee Tycoon is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with the game's interface.

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Coffeehouses were popular in Turkey (then part of the Ottoman Empire) as early as the tenth century AD and first appeared in Europe in the 1600s. Coffeehouses were popularized in the United States by Starbucks, which opened its first store in Seattle, Washington in the year 1971. Don't you wish that you had the idea to bring the coffeehouse to the United States? You would have been rich! Unfortunately, there are no time machines, but you can live this dream virtually in Coffee Tycoon. Coffee Tycoon is a Flash tycoon game that features cartoon graphics, jazzy music, and an easy-to-navigate user interface.

The goal of Coffee Tycoon is to advance through the levels and earn profits. Your role in this management game is to allocate employees to different positions within your company to attract customers, build new stores, and maximize profits. You do not do any pouring coffee yourself, just sit back while your employees do the work for you, capitalism in action! Unfortunately, your progress is not saved in this tycoon game, so you must get as far as you can in one session.

The mouse is used to interact with Coffee Tycoon's interface. There are four tabs that you must deal with in this management game: Employees where you allocate your workforce, Menu where you buy new types of items to serve customers, Upgrades where you can open new stores or purchase upgrades, and Customers, where you can read about the wants of different customers. If you need to make more money, I advise hiring baristas. If you need more customers, you should hire managers or purchase new menu items or upgrades that provide new customers. If you have a large customer base and need to expand, hire executives to open more locations.

Coffee Tycoon has a great concept, but it seems that your actions do not have much of an effect on the performance of your stores. More customers do not necessarily bring in more money, so it is not a good idea to spend money on upgrades and menu items that attract more customers right away. Also, a great deal of profits (and losses) occur due to random events that you have absolutely no control over. Had the developers made the choices of the payer have more effect on the course of the game, this tycoon game could have been a solid winner.

Coffee Tycoon is an easy-to-play management game, but it is far from perfect. If you are a business game aficionado, then you may enjoy it, but gamers that want to see the effects of their actions should steer clear of this one.