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Survive the zombie onslaught with your own elite police squads. Move your officers by pointing and clicking (they'll do the fighting on their own) and position them near any outbreak. With a few different gameplay modes and real world maps, this is a comprehensive strategy game that's worth playing.

Class 3 Outbreak Walkthrough

Class 3 Outbreak is a swat-based strategy game where you'll have to eliminate zombies as they appear in a civilian environment. Zombie outbreaks are virtually random, so you'll have to position your police squads effectively across the map. The maps in Class 3 Outbreak are based on real-world maps - in the UK level, for instance, you'll be able to see real streets, buildings, and homes. So, in that sense, Class 3 Outbreak is one of the most realistic zombie games out there.

Once you do start playing, the zombie outbreaks will start happening almost instantaneously. They'll only appear in small groups - and if you take care of them quickly enough, they won't spread. If you don't take care of the outbreaks fast enough, the zombies will attack civilians - and that can quickly spiral out of control.

The name of the game is crowd control - you'll have to effectively use what officers you do have to prevent further outbreaks from spreading. But there are other gameplay modes you can have fun with in Class 3 Outbreak. There's a hard mode, for anyone who's up to the challenge, a survival mode that never ends well - because it ends when you die.

Overall, Class 3 Outbreak is a great game for both zombie and strategy game fans. To gamers looking for a challenge, Class 3 Outbreak is one of the hardest out there. You'll have to deal with real world maps, random zombies outbreaks, and a small amount of troops. With the extra gameplay modes in Class 3 Outbreak, the difficulty is raised even further.