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CIX Instructions

Select area to build Ally using the mouse. Open the build menu by clicking area with the left mouse button and holding the left mouse button down. Move mouse to build icon while still holding the left mouse button. Release the left mouse button to build X-System. Add systems to an X-System by moving your mouse next to the X-System and following the same steps used to build the X-System. You can add systems to all eight sides of the X-System by following the same procedure. Upgrade systems by clicking on the system with the left mouse button and holding the left mouse button down. You can also upgrade a system or add a new system by double clicking with the left mouse button.

CIX Walkthrough

CIX is an engrossing and addictive defense strategy game with decent graphics and a fairly basic premise that will keep you playing game after game. Your goal is simple; destroy the aliens that are invading the three colonies your are in charge of defending. You are in control of the CIX combat system that has been developed for the sole purpose of taking on these merciless aliens and you must use the system to create new Ally Units. The Ally Units you create will do battle for you and although they are equipped with Artificial Intelligence they aren't perfect. Like any other technological device, there are bound to be problems so sometimes you'll be required to reconfigure or reposition your units. This is one of the aspects of the game that really sets it apart from other defense strategy games and part of what makes it such a difficult game. That level of difficulty is what really makes this game so appealing and so addictive. You want to do well in the game and each time you fail, you want to try again and do better than you did the last time. Although it can get frustrating, keep playing. This is a game that can be beaten if you're willing to put in the time and the effort.

In CIX you will need to collect Energy Points, also referred to as EP, throughout the game. You'll use the Energy Points you collect to build you Ally Units. Without EP you won't be able to build your units and will therefore not be able to defend your colonies. The driving force behind the CIX combat system is the X-System. The X-System is an armored module that allows you to build on it from eight different directions. You can attach new systems in each of these eight directions. These new systems include, wings, thrusters, sensors and weapons - each of which is vital to your successfully completing your mission. It's important to familiarize yourself with all aspects of these systems as some are more useful for certain types of enemies. For example, adding thrusters to your Ally Unit will allow it to fly and attack air enemies. Air Ally Units will not be able to attack ground enemies so you'll need to make sure you have ground Ally Units in place to take out the enemies attacking from the ground. While missiles will attack both air enemies and ground enemies they are fairly expensive and offer limited ammo. If you run out of ammo and don't have both types of Ally Units in place, you'll be in real trouble. There are several additional types of weapons available if you're willing to use Mochi Coins to research new technologies. In general though, the weapons you have will be enough to get you through the game. If you don't mind spending the coins though, the advanced weapons can be quite beneficial and help you improve your performance in the game significantly.

In CIX, as in most defense strategy games, you'll be rewarded each time you kill an enemy. In this game, you're rewarded with Energy Points, which as we discussed above, are vital for making it through this game. You get Energy Points for more than just killing enemies though. You're also given an Energy Bonus at the conclusion of each wave of enemies that can go a long way toward the Energy Points you've accumulated. You can purchase Energy Infusions with Mochi Coins as well, but generally speaking, you're able to get through the game just by collecting Energy Points for killing enemies and getting through enemy waves. The best way to do well in this game is to conserve your Energy Points as much as you can. Only spend as many Energy Points as you absolutely need to in order to get through the wave. Later in the game when things get more difficult, you'll need to have some Energy Points reserved and ready to go.

Familiarizing yourself with the various types of enemies in CIX is important to your survival in the game. The different types of enemies in the game are one of the most appealing things about this game. Having to battle different types of enemies makes the game not only more difficult, but also more entertaining. Many other defense strategy games have you facing off against the same basic type of enemy throughout the game which can get boring and make the game feel stale. By switching it up, there is always something new to look at which is great. In addition, the fact that certain types of Ally Units will only work on certain types of enemies gives the game a pretty significant boost in difficulty which also makes the game a lot more fun. There is nothing more fun than a good game that really puts your skills to the test and this game definitely does that.

The enemies in CIX are color coded; something that isn't offered in most of the other defense strategy games online. Ground enemies are purple in color. They follow a fairly set attack pattern, attacking the systems closest to them. Air enemies are red in color. They'll fly around the screen but don't follow any set attack pattern so basically, they just attack randomly. It's important to have air Ally Units set up to take them out as quickly as possible to prevent as much damage as possible. Grubs and Warriors are examples of ground enemies. Scouts, Fighters and Raiders are examples of air enemies. Pay attention to what kind of enemies are attacking and where and plan your defense accordingly. Before a wave begins you'll be told what type of enemy will be attacking so you'll have a chance to plan. If you're going to be facing only air enemies, only build air Ally Units. If you're going to only be facing ground enemies, build only ground Ally Units. If you'll be facing both, consider using missiles. Just be sure you have an adequate supply of missiles for the level and you'll be fine.

It's important to remember that in CIX, as in most defense strategy games, you're able to sell systems for Energy Points. Keep in mind, though, if a system is badly damaged, you will be able to sell it but you won't be compensated with any Energy Points. You can tell the health status of your systems by checking the health bar at the top of the upgrade menu. Upgrades are important in this game but, like anything else in the game, you will need to spend Energy Points to upgrade your systems. In most cases it's a much better idea to upgrade a system instead of purchasing a more expensive unit; at least in the beginning of the game. A few basic systems that have been upgraded will be enough to get you through the first few waves in the game and, often times, will be much less expensive than spending money on a more expensive system. This allows you to save your Energy Points for later waves when you'll really need them.

Overall, CIX is an engrossing, addictive and entertaining defense strategy game that will challenge you to think carefully about your battle plan. The real key to doing well in this game is finding the balance between building a strong defense and conserving your energy points for later in the game. You need a strong defense from the beginning to fight off enemies, but if you waste money on things you don't need, you'll regret it when things get harder. Although there are times this game can be extremely frustrating, if you stick with it, you should be able to do well and get through the game. It will take time, patience and a little practice, but this game is far too much fun to give up on.