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Play Civilizations Wars

#1: Civilizations Wars


Civilizations Wars is one of the most engrossing and intense RPG strategy games online because it challenges you to think carefully about your moves and to find a balance between defending yourself and attacking your enemies. The premise is pretty...

Number of plays: 258,753

Play Kingdoms at War : Conquest!

#2: Kingdoms at War : Conquest!


Kingdoms at War : Conquest is one of the most engrossing, fully featured war strategy games online in which you have the option of making allies or making enemies; challenging players from around the world to work with or against...

Number of plays: 230,390

Play Castle Wars 2

#3: Castle Wars 2


Castle Wars 2 is a card-based strategy game. In it, you'll be in control of a few territories - but you need to control the rest of the map. With lots of enemies in front of you, you'll be able...

Number of plays: 165,775

Play Age of War 2

#4: Age of War 2


So you are on the hunt for a hybrid of defense and strategy games where the wheel of time turns and civilizations, technologies, etc. come and pass? Yeah? Cool! We have a very fine example here - Age Of War...

Number of plays: 83,943

Play Mastermind: World Conqueror

#5: Mastermind: World Conqueror


Mastermind: World Conqueror is an immersive strategy game where you get to play the bad guy. This is one of those games where you get good in game instructions and tutorials, so let's save space and keep for stuff that...

Number of plays: 67,866

Play Ether of Magic Cards

#6: Ether of Magic Cards


Ether of Magic Cards is a fairly basic card battling game. Like many other strategy games, it takes place in a medieval world - and, in that world, you'll have to defeat as many enemy wizards as you can. To...

Number of plays: 62,374

Play Stick War

#7: Stick War


Primarily a real time strategy game like Starcraft, Stick War - a free and browser based flash game, your decision making skills is just as important, or should I say, even MORE important than fast clicking fingers. Running a nation is...

Number of plays: 57,739

Play Class 3 Outbreak

#8: Class 3 Outbreak


Class 3 Outbreak is a swat-based strategy game where you'll have to eliminate zombies as they appear in a civilian environment. Zombie outbreaks are virtually random, so you'll have to position your police squads effectively across the map. The maps...

Number of plays: 55,652

Play Colony

#9: Colony


Colony is a REAL time strategy game. That's true. BUT that's also selling the game short. You see, Colony, which is one of the most fun strategy games I have laid my hands on, is unique... drawing inspiration from different...

Number of plays: 48,292

Play SteamBirds

#10: SteamBirds


SteamBirds is a unique and engrossing turn based strategy game that challenges you to use logic to destroy all of the enemies on the screen without allowing your own plane to be destroyed. It isn't an easy game. You'll really...

Number of plays: 46,835

Play Crush the Castle 2

#11: Crush the Castle 2


The creators of these strategy games, Crush The Castle and Crush The Castle 2, sure knows the word improvement. While the sequel has some niceties you won't find in the first installment, almost everything else - the core idea and...

Number of plays: 39,742

Play Warlords 2: Rise of Demons

#12: Warlords 2: Rise of Demons


Just like the first installment of this strategy game, Warlords 2: Rise Of Demons comes with different units and troops - each with different strengths and weaknesses. Knowing those should help you decide how to face a certain army and...

Number of plays: 39,529

Play UMAG Multiplayer

#13: UMAG Multiplayer


UMAG Multiplayer is an excellent war strategy game that will put your strategical skills to the test as you take on opponents from all over the world in an attempt to come out on top. There are four game mode...

Number of plays: 33,459

Play Age of War

#14: Age of War


Coming with 5 different ages and stages together with different game modes spanning from Normal to Impossible, Age Of War is one of those strategy games that will surely keep you busy for the hours to come. If you are...

Number of plays: 30,120

Play Crush the Castle

#15: Crush the Castle


Crush The Castle - as the name of the game suggests, this is one of those strategy games where causing as much destruction as possible in a single shot is the aim f the game. I have already explained how...

Number of plays: 29,544

Play Phage Wars 2

#16: Phage Wars 2


Phage Wars 2 is an interesting retro strategy game. It starts out on an old desktop PC, and from there, you'll have to control your own experiments. At least that's how the game puts it - once you start an...

Number of plays: 25,471

Play Sieger

#17: Sieger


So you are on the hunt for strategy games like Crush The Castle? Yeah? Well, guess what: Sieger is here to whet your appetite! Coming with the same central concept, you need to use your mouse to target different parts...

Number of plays: 24,647

Play World Wars 2

#18: World Wars 2


World Wars 2 is a strategy game that is very similar to the classic board game Risk. World Wars 2 is the sequel to the earlier World Wars game, and features superior AI, more customizable gameplay, and a new map...

Number of plays: 21,153

Play 1066

#19: 1066


If you are a fan of Internet memes, it is quite possible that you have come across Medieval versions of memes, particularly on YTMND. These Medieval depictions of your favorite memes use images taken from the Bayeux Tapestry, an embroidered...

Number of plays: 21,012

Play Warfare 1944

#20: Warfare 1944


Fantastic replay value - this strategy game, Warfare 1944, is oozing with this... and it's one of the niceties that I really love. This owed largely to the flexible upgrade options integrated in the game. True, you may go all...

Number of plays: 20,432

Play Bot Arena 3

#21: Bot Arena 3


So you loved Bot Arena and Bot Arena 2? Do you love battle and strategy games where you beef up your men (your bots in this case) and get them ready for the next battle? Yeah? COOL! Bot Arena 3...

Number of plays: 20,369

Play ShellCore Command: Ep1

#22: ShellCore Command: Ep1


Shellcore Command: Ep1 is the first installment of the Shellcore series. It's a strategy game with a galactic theme - in it, you'll have to recruit an army, destroy red enemies, and add parts to your ship as needed. There...

Number of plays: 18,626

Play Feudalism 2

#23: Feudalism 2


Starting as a 'small time' tribal chieftain, your objective in Feudalism 2 is to grow 'larger than life' - build a massive and powerful army that an emperor could only dream of; wield weapons that can level even the grandest...

Number of plays: 18,227

Play Oil Night

#24: Oil Night


OK fellas, this is one of those strategy games that don't look grand. No fancy or jaw-dropping graphics and design. All you get is an 'all black' silhouette of your oil well, your defensive and offensive units, as well as...

Number of plays: 18,019

Play Rebuild

#25: Rebuild


Rebuild is a simulation game that is a wonderful blend of SimCity and the survival horror game genre. This strategy game features artistic cartoon graphics, atmospheric audio, and five difficulty levels to choose from. Rebuild puts you in charge of a...

Number of plays: 16,552

Play Imperium

#26: Imperium


Create an awesome and fierce army and send it to battle. Manage and keep your resources in abundance. Import and export goods for that much needed income. And ultimately, wage war against other empires and control the whole Dogland Island...

Number of plays: 16,420

Play Crimson Warfare

#27: Crimson Warfare


Like most real time strategy games, the REAL and MAIN aim of the game - Crimson Warfare, is to get your troops moving and send them to attack the enemy. Once they reach the enemy base, it will damage it....

Number of plays: 14,199

Play Pixel Legions

#28: Pixel Legions


Strategic games have never been popular for their fast-pace or being action packed. Shooting games, adventure games, and other genres do it better than strategy games. HOWEVER, Pixel Legions is more of an exception than following the 'rule'. This is...

Number of plays: 14,102

Play Warlords: Call To Arms

#29: Warlords: Call To Arms


Instead of giving you step by step instructions for winning Warlords: Call To Arms, instead of spoon feeding you which is not fun for you or for me, here's something better: a comprehensive description of the strengths and weaknesses of...

Number of plays: 13,491

Play Avalon: Last Stand

#30: Avalon: Last Stand


RPG and strategy games genre have been known for their strategic depth. Nah, if you are playing games belonging to this genre, spamming the left click button (or any button for that matter) alone is NOT enough to bring home...

Number of plays: 13,301

Play Adapt Or Die

#31: Adapt Or Die


Adapt Or Die is a Darwinian strategy game that puts you in command of a hive of buzz-bots. This strategy game features cool graphics, great music, and unique, challenging gameplay. The objective of Adapt Or Die is to lead the yellow...

Number of plays: 11,445

Play Warfare 1917

#32: Warfare 1917


Warfare 1917 is a strategy game that puts you in the role of a British commander facing off against the Germans during the First World War. Warfare 1917 features detailed graphics, outstanding audio, various upgrades, and addicting gameplay. The objective of...

Number of plays: 11,356

Play Star Forge

#33: Star Forge


This is what Hero Interactive said about their creation, Star Forge: "It had to be SIMPLE. It had to have a lot of ACTION, a base you can build, and explosions - LOTS of EXPLOSIONS!" I don't know about you,...

Number of plays: 11,232

Play Siegius

#34: Siegius


Ven, Vidi, Vici!, said Julius Caesar after his short war against Pharnacles II of Pontus back in 47 BC, which means: I came. I saw. I conquered. Well, that's the only memorable quote I remembered when I was studying world...

Number of plays: 10,663

Play Alliant

#35: Alliant


Alliant is a strategy game where you are humanity's last hope for survival on a colonial world. Alliant features great graphics, excellent voice acting, a thrilling storyline, and twenty-four achievements! The objective of Alliant is to destroy the enemy bases while...

Number of plays: 10,575

Play Bot Arena 2

#36: Bot Arena 2


Looking for battle and strategy games where you pit bots against one another and watch them take on each other? Want to play as the mechanic who beefs up these mechanical wonders and make sure they dominate every battle they...

Number of plays: 10,458

Play ControlCraft

#37: ControlCraft


ControlCraft is a fast-paced real-time strategy game. ControlCraft features impressive graphics, simple controls, and thirteen levels. The objective of ControlCraft is to wipe out the enemy forces by conquering their buildings. You must also prevent your enemies from overrunning your buildings!...

Number of plays: 9,555

Play Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace

#38: Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace


Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace is a strategy game that is the sequel to Tentacle Wars and whose title may or may not be a reference to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace features twenty new...

Number of plays: 9,268

Play Tentacle Wars

#39: Tentacle Wars


Tentacle Wars is a strategy game that puts you in command of microbes. Tentacle Wars features eerie music, simple graphics, and twenty challenging zones to conquer. The objective of Tentacle Wars to to take over each zone by making every microbe...

Number of plays: 9,234

Play Desert Moon

#40: Desert Moon


Desert Moon is a science fiction strategy game. This defense game features isometric sprite graphics, a well-balanced variety of weapons and support powers, and five levels to survive through. Desert Moon puts you in the role of the commander of a...

Number of plays: 8,566

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