Tycoon Games

Want to grow and manage your very own virtual business empire? Tycoon games are the perfect way to exercise your business skills and strategies. These online, free-to-play tycoon games put you in command of a variety of empires, from a carnival to a sprawling corporation, a lemonade stand and even an airport.

Make the right entreprenurial decisions and you'll see your creation grow and expand. Try your hand at a tycoon game today!

Top Tycoon Games

Play Carnival Tycoon

#1: Carnival Tycoon


Carnival Tycoon is an excellent tycoon strategy game that will challenge you to build and run a profitable and entertaining carnival, balancing your income with your need to make sure your carnival patrons are happy. Your goal is fairly...

Number of plays: 286,068

Play Gone to the dogs

#2: Gone to the dogs


Gone to the Dogs is an entertaining and unusually exciting sports strategy game that puts you in the role of dog trainer looking to break into the world of competitive dog racing by betting on races and training your own...

Number of plays: 120,786

Play Corporation Inc

#3: Corporation Inc


Sim Towers - who could forget such a game?! Challenging you to build a vertical empire while keeping the balance between installing offices, facilities, residential apartments, garbage disposal, and everything else in between, it's NOT surprising why this strategy game...

Number of plays: 58,375

Play Airport Tycoon

#4: Airport Tycoon


Airport Tycoon is an addicting tycoon game that puts you in control of your own regional airport. This game features cute graphics and addictive, challenging gameplay. The goal of Airport Tycoon is to manage a regional airline while meeting your monthly...

Number of plays: 55,331

Play Oiligarchy

#5: Oiligarchy


Here's the scenario in one of the more controversial and political strategy games around: you are the CEO of a major and international oil company. Your job is pretty straight forward: you need to make money out of that black...

Number of plays: 45,132

Play Papa's Freezeria

#6: Papa's Freezeria


Papa's Freezeria is the fourth game in the Papa's series of tycoon games. This time, you are placed in charge of a frozen treat shop and must serve tourists trying to beat the heat on the island. If you have played...

Number of plays: 34,756

Play Shop Empire

#7: Shop Empire


Have you ever wanted to own an international chain of malls? If so, Shop Empire is just the tycoon game for you! Shop Empire features sprite graphics, a soothing soundtrack to go along with the game's atmosphere, twenty-one achievements, and...

Number of plays: 25,218

Play Papa's Pizzeria

#8: Papa's Pizzeria


Papa's Pizzeria is the first of the Papa's series of tycoon games. This strategy game features cartoon graphics, thirty-six different customers, and fun-filled gameplay. The objective of Papa's Pizzeria is to complete each of your customer's orders. Satisfying your customer by...

Number of plays: 23,000

Play Diner City

#9: Diner City


Diner City is a tycoon game that puts you in control of your very own restaurant franchise. This tycoon game features isometric graphics, The goal of Diner City is to reach your monetary goal and beat out the competition within an...

Number of plays: 20,068

Play Papa's Taco Mia

#10: Papa's Taco Mia


Papa's Taco Mia is the third game in the Papa's series of tycoon games, the prior installments being Papa's Pizzeria and Papa's Burgeria. This business simulation game features cartoon graphics, a greater variety of customers and food options, and delicious...

Number of plays: 19,748

Play Vacation Mogul

#11: Vacation Mogul


Vacation Mogul is a tycoon game that puts you in control of your own tourism agency. This game features rich graphics, a soothing soundtrack, and a captivating backstory. The objective of Vacation Mogul is to complete the goals that are given...

Number of plays: 18,093

Play Oil Night

#12: Oil Night


OK fellas, this is one of those strategy games that don't look grand. No fancy or jaw-dropping graphics and design. All you get is an 'all black' silhouette of your oil well, your defensive and offensive units, as well as...

Number of plays: 17,957

Play Recordshop Tycoon

#13: Recordshop Tycoon


Are you a music buff? Have you ever wanted to own your own record store? Well, now you can in Recordshop Tycoon. This snazzy tycoon game features a jazzy soundtrack, detailed graphics, and addicting gameplay. The goal of Recordshop Tycoon is...

Number of plays: 15,062

Play Papa's Burgeria

#14: Papa's Burgeria


Papa's Burgeria is the sequel to Papa's Pizzeria and the second game in the Papa's series of tycoon games. Papa Louie has run off again, and this time you must run his burger joint! Papa's Burgeria features the same cartoon...

Number of plays: 14,626

Play Burger Tycoon

#15: Burger Tycoon


Have you ever wanted to be in control of your own fast-food megacorporation? Burger Tycoon is a tycoon game that gives you the chance to do just that. This strategy game is in-depth and allows you to manage each...

Number of plays: 13,579

Play Now Boarding: Episode 1

#16: Now Boarding: Episode 1


Now Boarding: Episode 1 is the first actual episode of the Now Boarding series of airline tycoon games (Now Boarding: First Class was the first game of the series that was released and the prequel to this game). This business...

Number of plays: 13,258

Play Amuse Park

#17: Amuse Park


Amuse Park puts you in control of your very own amusement park. This tycoon game features great graphics, awesome jazzy music, and addictive gameplay. The objective of Amuse Park is to complete the eight goals presented to you at the beginning...

Number of plays: 12,983

Play Lemonade World

#18: Lemonade World


Lemonade stands and childhood. Ahhh, who would forget those grand lemonade stand and money-making plans we made at the back of our heads back when we're just kids? Everything is in place. BUT just when we are about to roll...

Number of plays: 12,714

Play Greyhound Tycoon

#19: Greyhound Tycoon


Greyhound Tycoon is a tycoon game that allows you to manage a greyhound in dog races (without having to worry about animal rights activists!). This management game features lovely graphics, great audio, and captivating gameplay. The goal of Greyhound Tycoon is...

Number of plays: 12,017

Play Gazzoline

#20: Gazzoline


The first self-service gas station in the United States opened in 1958. Since the 1970s, self-service has been the norm throughout the U.S. (with the exceptions of Oregon and New Jersey, states that do not allow self-service gas stations). Gazzoline...

Number of plays: 11,246

Play Shopping Street

#21: Shopping Street


Shopping Street is a tycoon game that allows you to take control of a retail empire spanning across four cities. This business game features sleek cartoon graphics, a jazzy soundtrack, and sixteen fun-filled levels. The goal of Shopping Street is to...

Number of plays: 10,456

Play Theme Hotel

#22: Theme Hotel


Theme Hotel is a business management game that puts you in the role of a hotel owner. This tycoon game features sprite graphics, and easy-to-use interface, and a jazzy soundtrack. The ultimate goal of Theme Hotel is to reach five star...

Number of plays: 10,147

Play Sim Lemonade Millionaire

#23: Sim Lemonade Millionaire


Lemonade stands are a common first business that young children open to make some spending money and learn about entrepreneurship. These businesses rarely make much money, and oftentimes are in violation of several laws (although they are rarely shutdown by...

Number of plays: 10,061

Play Monster Corp

#24: Monster Corp


Monster Corp is a tycoon game that puts you in the role of a monster museum curator. Monster Corp features anime-inspired sprite graphics, a wide variety of monsters, and thirty-five achievements. The goal of Monster Corp is to make money by...

Number of plays: 9,748

Play Coffee Tycoon

#25: Coffee Tycoon


Coffeehouses were popular in Turkey (then part of the Ottoman Empire) as early as the tenth century AD and first appeared in Europe in the 1600s. Coffeehouses were popularized in the United States by Starbucks, which opened its first store...

Number of plays: 9,649

Play Sweatshop

#26: Sweatshop


In real life, outsourcing and sweatshops are no laughing matter. In Sweatshop, a humorous and thought-provoking strategy game by Littleloud, they can be! Sweatshop features cute graphics, 8-bit music, and a simple point-and-click interface. The objective of Sweatshop is to make...

Number of plays: 8,905

Play Wasabi

#27: Wasabi


Wasabi is a Flash game that takes the gameplay formula of a tycoon game and blends it with the controls of a platforming game. This management game features an innovative control scheme, sprite graphics, and addictive, albeit repetitive, gameplay. The objective...

Number of plays: 8,886

Play Youda Sushi Chef

#28: Youda Sushi Chef


Youda Sushi Chef is a tycoon game where you play the role of a sushi chef. Youda Sushi Chef features excellent graphics as is to be expected from Youda Games, simple controls, and can be played in seven languages. Ironically,...

Number of plays: 8,354

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