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Play Civilizations Wars

#1: Civilizations Wars


Civilizations Wars is one of the most engrossing and intense RPG strategy games online because it challenges you to think carefully about your moves and to find a balance between defending yourself and attacking your enemies. The premise is pretty...

Number of plays: 258,753

Play Castle Wars 2

#2: Castle Wars 2


Castle Wars 2 is a card-based strategy game. In it, you'll be in control of a few territories - but you need to control the rest of the map. With lots of enemies in front of you, you'll be able...

Number of plays: 165,775

Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!

#3: Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!


Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! is a strategy game that focuses mainly on tower defense. But, instead of being a normal tower defense game, it goes above and beyond the usual expectations for this traditional genre of online gaming....

Number of plays: 140,792

Play Age of War 2

#4: Age of War 2


So you are on the hunt for a hybrid of defense and strategy games where the wheel of time turns and civilizations, technologies, etc. come and pass? Yeah? Cool! We have a very fine example here - Age Of War...

Number of plays: 83,943

Play NTCreature

#5: NTCreature


For anyone who likes a strategy game with towers, dragons, and upgrades, this is the game for you. NTCreature combines tower defense with single player madness - so you won't rely on just one. For instance, you'll pick a race...

Number of plays: 68,400

Play Mastermind: World Conqueror

#6: Mastermind: World Conqueror


Mastermind: World Conqueror is an immersive strategy game where you get to play the bad guy. This is one of those games where you get good in game instructions and tutorials, so let's save space and keep for stuff that...

Number of plays: 67,866

Play Warzone Tower Defense Extended

#7: Warzone Tower Defense Extended


With eight maps and nine gameplay modes to choose from, Warzone Tower Defense Extended is an engaging strategy game, to say the least. The premise is simple: defend your base from any and all invading runners. They'll come in plenty...

Number of plays: 59,909

Play Turret Bot Defense

#8: Turret Bot Defense


Turret Bot Defense is an addictive, if not somewhat simple, tower defense strategy game. More experienced players are probably going to find this one a bit on the easy side. Towers aren't all that expensive to purchase or upgrade and...

Number of plays: 41,934

Play Million Dollar Tower Defense

#9: Million Dollar Tower Defense


Million Dollar Tower Defense is an entertaining tower defense game for any and all gamers. If you've never played a strategy game before, this is a great one to start out with. There are tons of different towers to build,...

Number of plays: 39,099

Play Last Command

#10: Last Command


Last Command is an excellent strategy game with comical moments and epic fights. When you first play, it's made clear that you control the last resistance to an invading alien force in the U.S. The only problem is that your...

Number of plays: 37,186

Play Blob Tower Defence

#11: Blob Tower Defence


Blob Tower Defence is an addictive and engrossing tower defense strategy game that chooses to do things a little differently. Instead of presenting you with a map and a selection of turrets you can build, this game gives you blocks...

Number of plays: 30,695

Play Age of War

#12: Age of War


Coming with 5 different ages and stages together with different game modes spanning from Normal to Impossible, Age Of War is one of those strategy games that will surely keep you busy for the hours to come. If you are...

Number of plays: 30,120

Play BigTree Defense

#13: BigTree Defense


BigTree Defense is an excellent tower defense strategy game that does things a little differently than most of the other tower defense strategy games online. While most games in the genre present you with a map and a series of...

Number of plays: 26,940

Play CIX

#14: CIX


CIX is an engrossing and addictive defense strategy game with decent graphics and a fairly basic premise that will keep you playing game after game. Your goal is simple; destroy the aliens that are invading the three colonies your are...

Number of plays: 26,825

Play Corporate Wars

#15: Corporate Wars


Corporate Wars - the name of this strategy game quick evokes the image of two multi-billion corporations battling for supremacy. Locked in a cold war-like battle, these 2 corporations silently try to outwit and outmaneuver each other. BUT, apparently, only...

Number of plays: 22,076

Play Tanks and towers

#16: Tanks and towers


Tanks and Towers is a strategy game that any gamer can pick up and play. It's relatively easy to understand, but it's definitely difficult to master. There's a mission mode, a tutorial mode for beginners, a survival mode for veteran...

Number of plays: 22,063

Play mini Tower Defence (mTD)

#17: mini Tower Defence (mTD)


While the premise behind Mini Tower Defence (mTD) isn't terribly uncommon in the world of tower defense strategy games and the game play is quite similar to a lot of the competing games in the genre, this game manages to...

Number of plays: 21,533

Play The Geom Tower Defense

#18: The Geom Tower Defense


The Geom Tower Defense is a unique and addictive tower defense strategy game that will challenge you to place different types of turret style weapons to take out different types of enemies to prevent them from destroying your tower. While...

Number of plays: 20,278

Play Bloons Tower Defense 4

#19: Bloons Tower Defense 4


Bloons Tower Defense 4 is the fourth installment of the Bloons Tower Defense series of games, which is an offshoot of the popular Flash game, Bloons. This iterations of the tower defense game features vastly improves graphics, a revamped upgrade...

Number of plays: 20,073

Play Pest Beat

#20: Pest Beat


With ten different types of plant towers, Pest Beat is a great strategy game that every gamer should look into. And besides having a wide variety of towers, it also has seven different gameplay maps - so once you beat...

Number of plays: 18,646

Play Zack's Hardware

#21: Zack's Hardware


Zack's Hardware is a tool-themed strategy game. Mainly, it delves in tower defense, but with a huge list of extra features - it's a game you simply have to play. With seven levels, and up to five different gameplay modes...

Number of plays: 14,898

Play Frontline Defense 2

#22: Frontline Defense 2


Looking at the game's objective and game play, there's nothing unique about Frontline Defense 2 when compared to other tower defense and strategy games. If you love free form tower defense and strategy games that don't set any perimeters or...

Number of plays: 13,807

Play Avalon: Last Stand

#23: Avalon: Last Stand


RPG and strategy games genre have been known for their strategic depth. Nah, if you are playing games belonging to this genre, spamming the left click button (or any button for that matter) alone is NOT enough to bring home...

Number of plays: 13,301

Play GemCraft Chapter 0

#24: GemCraft Chapter 0


Serving as a prequel to the original tower defense strategy game, GemCraft: Chaper 0 tells you the story of a wizard who was so entangled... so absorbed in his search for the fabled Gem of Eternity that his fellow wizards...

Number of plays: 13,121

Play Bloons Tower Defense 3

#25: Bloons Tower Defense 3


Bloons Tower Defense 3 is the third installment of the Bloons Tower Defense series of tower defense games, which is in turn an offshoot of Bloons, one of the most successful Flash games of all time. Bloons Tower Defense 3...

Number of plays: 11,542

Play Star Forge

#26: Star Forge


This is what Hero Interactive said about their creation, Star Forge: "It had to be SIMPLE. It had to have a lot of ACTION, a base you can build, and explosions - LOTS of EXPLOSIONS!" I don't know about you,...

Number of plays: 11,232

Play Alliant

#27: Alliant


Alliant is a strategy game where you are humanity's last hope for survival on a colonial world. Alliant features great graphics, excellent voice acting, a thrilling storyline, and twenty-four achievements! The objective of Alliant is to destroy the enemy bases while...

Number of plays: 10,575

Play Hacker vs Hacker

#28: Hacker vs Hacker


The goal in this strategy game is as straightforward as it could get: you need to destroy your enemy's defenses while surviving their attacks. HOWEVER, in his battle between Hacker vs. Hacker, where your opponent has the same resources as...

Number of plays: 10,359

Play GemCraft

#29: GemCraft


Playing as a wizard tasked with defending the whole earth from a horde of invading and evil monsters, GemCraft's story is NOT really interesting or different from other tower defense and strategy games. BUT come one, let's face it. We...

Number of plays: 9,743

Play Penguins Attack TD 2

#30: Penguins Attack TD 2


War is on! And no, it's not between the super powers of our generation like USA, China, etc. Oddly, it's a war between humans and penguins! Yes, these cuddly and playful penguins have decided there's no more fooling around -...

Number of plays: 9,396

Play Fureyes Base Defense

#31: Fureyes Base Defense


FurEyes Base Defense - this game's name sums up what the game is all about. You have your base and there are FurEyes (one-eyed fur-balls who have ill intentions) around it. These critters want to demolish your base and you...

Number of plays: 9,388

Play Desert Moon

#32: Desert Moon


Desert Moon is a science fiction strategy game. This defense game features isometric sprite graphics, a well-balanced variety of weapons and support powers, and five levels to survive through. Desert Moon puts you in the role of the commander of a...

Number of plays: 8,566

Play Desktop TD Pro

#33: Desktop TD Pro


Desktop TD Pro is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed tower defense game, Desktop Tower Defense. This strategy game features three new gameplay modes, multiplayer, and twenty-four scenarios. The goal of Desktop TD Pro is similar to that of many other tower...

Number of plays: 8,182

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