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Play Ink Ball

#1: Ink Ball


Ink Ball is a strategy game that combines elements from many drawing games - and combines them with a puzzling premise. There are 40 levels to play through, and each level has a time limit. So you'll have to work...

Number of plays: 486,267

Play Blosics 2

#2: Blosics 2


For those of you who are NOT aware of the Blosics series, the object of the game is to use projectile physics to knock down and send those green blocks crashing. You need to earn 100 over 100 points or...

Number of plays: 298,570

Play Flight

#3: Flight


The farther you fling your paper plane, the farther it travels, the MORE distance you cover in one day and the more you will earn for upgrades. So what does this mean? Simple: don't rely on luck. As much as...

Number of plays: 47,173

Play Crush the Castle 2

#4: Crush the Castle 2


The creators of these strategy games, Crush The Castle and Crush The Castle 2, sure knows the word improvement. While the sequel has some niceties you won't find in the first installment, almost everything else - the core idea and...

Number of plays: 39,742

Play UMAG Multiplayer

#5: UMAG Multiplayer


UMAG Multiplayer is an excellent war strategy game that will put your strategical skills to the test as you take on opponents from all over the world in an attempt to come out on top. There are four game mode...

Number of plays: 33,460

Play Ricochet

#6: Ricochet


Ricochet is one of the most engrossing and addictive physics based puzzle strategy games online simply because it's so different from most of the other puzzle strategy games online. Instead of giving you enemies to shoot at or treasures to...

Number of plays: 31,438

Play Crush the Castle

#7: Crush the Castle


Crush The Castle - as the name of the game suggests, this is one of those strategy games where causing as much destruction as possible in a single shot is the aim f the game. I have already explained how...

Number of plays: 29,544

Play Blosics

#8: Blosics


The premise and objective of the game is very straightforward and simple to understand: you need to throw the blocks (green blocks to be specific) off of the platform. Along with that, you need to score 100 over 100 to...

Number of plays: 25,818

Play Sieger

#9: Sieger


So you are on the hunt for strategy games like Crush The Castle? Yeah? Well, guess what: Sieger is here to whet your appetite! Coming with the same central concept, you need to use your mouse to target different parts...

Number of plays: 24,648

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