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Play Kingdoms: Nobility

#1: Kingdoms: Nobility


Kingdoms: Nobility is the sort of game you're going to want to play from hours and the addiction will start right from the beginning. This excellent city building strategy game challenges you to find a balance between growing and managing...

Number of plays: 122,324

Play Royal Envoy

#2: Royal Envoy


Royal Envoy is a strategy game where you won't have to defend your people from enemies - just the elements of nature. It's a civilization building game, and you'll have to upgrade houses, build new buildings, and collect taxes before...

Number of plays: 74,326

Play Gem Trader

#3: Gem Trader


Gem Trader may seem like a simple game at first, but it's a strategy game that takes a lot of luck and tricky thinking. The premise is extremely simple - you're in debt, and you need to make money back...

Number of plays: 69,300

Play Diner Chef

#4: Diner Chef


Diner Chef is a fairly standard strategy game. In it, you own a diner - that much is obvious. You control a chef that has to prepare orders for (mostly) impatient customers. Once you're opened for business, you won't have...

Number of plays: 50,205

Play Flight

#5: Flight


The farther you fling your paper plane, the farther it travels, the MORE distance you cover in one day and the more you will earn for upgrades. So what does this mean? Simple: don't rely on luck. As much as...

Number of plays: 47,172

Play Oiligarchy

#6: Oiligarchy


Here's the scenario in one of the more controversial and political strategy games around: you are the CEO of a major and international oil company. Your job is pretty straight forward: you need to make money out of that black...

Number of plays: 45,220

Play Pandemic 2

#7: Pandemic 2


Created and developed by Dark Realm Studios, Pandemic 2 serves as a sequel to the highly original and morbidly fun Pandemic. This time around though, the objective is different. If in Pandemic: American Swine Flu, the objective is to stop...

Number of plays: 41,335

Play Feudalism 2

#8: Feudalism 2


Starting as a 'small time' tribal chieftain, your objective in Feudalism 2 is to grow 'larger than life' - build a massive and powerful army that an emperor could only dream of; wield weapons that can level even the grandest...

Number of plays: 18,227

Play The humans are dead

#9: The humans are dead


The Humans are Dead is an online board game you can play with a few friends. And although an online board game may not sound enticing, this strategy game is well worth playing. With four robot races to choose from,...

Number of plays: 17,887

Play Rebuild

#10: Rebuild


Rebuild is a simulation game that is a wonderful blend of SimCity and the survival horror game genre. This strategy game features artistic cartoon graphics, atmospheric audio, and five difficulty levels to choose from. Rebuild puts you in charge of a...

Number of plays: 16,552

Play Necronator

#11: Necronator


Want strategy games where being bad... or better yet being evil is the main objective? Yeah? Well, you are in for a treat! In Necronator, you are tasked with raising a HUGE horde of undead warriors and monsters... keeping an...

Number of plays: 16,349

Play Pandemic

#12: Pandemic


Prevent the disease - the American Swine Flu, from spreading and keep the whole nation calm. That is the overall objective of Pandemic - one of the most puzzling and mind boggling strategy games around. Played on a large map of...

Number of plays: 12,407

Play Wasabi

#13: Wasabi


Wasabi is a Flash game that takes the gameplay formula of a tycoon game and blends it with the controls of a platforming game. This management game features an innovative control scheme, sprite graphics, and addictive, albeit repetitive, gameplay. The objective...

Number of plays: 8,948

Play I Have 1 Day

#14: I Have 1 Day


As the name suggests, you only have one day in this game. Not three, not two... just one. 24 hours is all of you have left to do it. "Do what?" you may ask while scratching your head. Well, that's...

Number of plays: 8,833

Play Ultimate Tactics

#15: Ultimate Tactics


Ultimate Tactics is a tactics game that is reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics. This strategy game is a spinoff of the Ultimate Defense series of defense games and features beautiful graphics, a variety of characters and enemies, and role playing...

Number of plays: 8,384

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