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Burger Tycoon Instructions

Burger Tycoon is controlled by using the mouse. Interact with the game's interface by using the mouse.

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Have you ever wanted to be in control of your own fast-food megacorporation? Burger Tycoon is a tycoon game that gives you the chance to do just that. This strategy game is in-depth and allows you to manage each process of your fast-food operation from the farm all the way to your customers' plates.

When you first start Burger Tycoon, you will want to read the tutorial. This strategy game is very deep, and you will quickly become confused without proper guidance. Reading the tutorial will help you to learn about the interface, the functions of items, and the actions that you may take at each stage of the game. After you have read through the tutorial, you will be ready to start a new game.

The objective of Burger Tycoon is to dominate the fast-food industry. In order to do this, you must manage your farms to produce cows and soy, which are transported to feed lots to produce meat and feed, and feed lots slaughter cows which are sent to your fast-food restaurants to produce hamburgers for customers. You must keep an eye on each stage in the supply chain if you want to succeed in this strategy game. Although you may currently be overseeing one stage of production, things are still happening in the other sectors. If there is a shortage of supply or something going wrong in one sector, a yellow light will illuminate adjacent to that sector's icon in the lower-left of the game's interface.

The first sector that you must manage in Burger Tycoon is the agricultural sector. From here, you may create pastures for your cows to graze on, create soy cultures, or plow rainforests and villages to make more room for your farmland. I advise creating three cow pastures and two soy cultures to start with. Always keep an eye on your cow pastures; if your cows eat up all of the grass in their pastures, not only will they die, but you will never be able to use the land again! For this reason, it is best to turn cow pastures into soy cultures when a pasture is almost depleted of grass, and create a pasture out of one of your older soy cultures to maintain production of beef.

The second sector that you must oversee is the feed lot. Here cows are fattened up to become delicious (but not necessarily nutritious) hamburger patties. You are given the option to inject industrial waste and hormones into your feed to speed up the growth process of your cows, but at the risk of making them sick. I advise avoiding these practices at first to avoid lawsuits and angry customers. Be sure to put down sick or mad cows before they are made into patties if you want to keep your customers happy and healthy in this strategy game!

The third sector that you manage in Burger Tycoon is the fast-food restaurant itself. You must hire cashiers and cooks to keep your customers fed and satisfied. You may also reward or reprimand your employees to keep them happy. I advise you to keep a close watch on your employees. Some of them get their kicks from spitting in food, which could lead to costly lawsuits. If you catch an employee spitting in the food, fire them and hire someone new. It is best to keep a full kitchen and full service counter of three employees each in this strategy game to ensure that customers are served promptly.

The final sector that you must manage in Burger Tycoon is the corporate headquarters. From here, you must create advertising campaigns, make public relations deals, and ensure your company's growth. In the beginning of this strategy game, I advise you to activate at least one advertising campaign to attract more customers. You do not have to worry about dealing with the PR department unless you need to respond to public outcry.

If you think that you have what it takes to command a corporate fast-food juggernaut, then this tycoon game will put your skills to the test. See if you can give Ray Kroc a run for his money in Burger Tycoon!