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Bot Arena 3 Instructions

Just like in the previous games in the series, Bot Arena and Bot Arena 2, you will use your mouse A LOT in this game. For controlling your bots (more on that later), for entering battles, buying upgrades, chassis, plating, and components. Not much has changed as far as controls go.

Bot Arena 3 Walkthrough

So you loved Bot Arena and Bot Arena 2? Do you love battle and strategy games where you beef up your men (your bots in this case) and get them ready for the next battle? Yeah? COOL! Bot Arena 3 is RIGHT here to whet your appetite for Bot battles and action.

As for the game's objective, nothing much has changed. The idea is to win as many battles as you can, take home some cash, and use it to upgrade your bot's chassis, plating, and components (these are weapons and tools just in case you don't know). All of these and more are done in the name of winning the Bot Arena Championship Cup. Winning battles and bot encounters not only give you more cash for upgrades and buying items. It also unlocks MORE battle opportunities (READ: more cash opportunities to be won) and other items in the bot shop.

NOTABLE CHANGE: If in Bot Arena 2 you cannot micro or control your BOT (and if you think that sucks just like most strategy game lovers), then rejoice! In Bot Arena 3, you can now control your bots as all of the chassis in the bot shop are now beefed up with remote interface devices. This allows you to control your bots as you please.

CONTROLLING YOUR BOT: Controlling and managing your bots during battle is a piece of cake. To issue an order to your bot, just hold down the left click button on a bot and: (1) To make it move to a location, drag the mouse over to the desired spot and release it (2) To follow a bot (it doesn't matter if its a friendly or a hostile one), drag it to the bot to be followed and release (3) To give the bot its standard AI movements, just let go of the left click button while on top of the bot you are giving orders to.

Once your bot completes the order it has been given, it will assume its standard AI movements and procedures (which I don't fancy... it seems that the bots want nothing BUT to commit suicide!).

SOME HINTS AND STRATEGIES: Cash is almost everything in strategy games... and the same thing can be said with Bot Arena 3. To keep the cash flowing for upgrades, emergency situations (like rebounding from defeat), etc., it's normal to engage in matches you have won. Turning those won matches into cash cows is acceptable.

Sending bots with nothing more than plating to serve as distractions is also a good strategy. The idea here is to send your unarmed (therefore cheap bots) as metal shields... taking fire from the enemy while microing your bots equipped with weapons to attack the enemies. This allows your armed and more expensive bots to destroy enemies without being damaged.