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Bot Arena 2 Instructions

When it comes to controls, strategy games are NOT complicated. The same thing with Bot Arena 2. For the most part, you will use your mouse, especially the left click button. Click to buy plating, chassis, and components. Click to start battle.

Bot Arena 2 Walkthrough

Looking for battle and strategy games where you pit bots against one another and watch them take on each other? Want to play as the mechanic who beefs up these mechanical wonders and make sure they dominate every battle they are sent to? Yeah? COOL! Bot Arena 2 is yours for the taking!

In this strategy game, your role is to design a team of bots from the ground up and build them up with enough upgrades to win the Bot Arena Championship Cup. Every battle counts in Bot Arena 2. Winning a battle means going home with cash that you can use for upgrading your bots for the next battle. Losing means going home empty handed... with your bots bruised all over or utterly destroyed!

There's MORE to winning bot battles in Bot Arena 2. Aside from going home with MORE dough, you also get to unlock new battle opportunities while unveiling MORE items in the Bot Arena shop.

A REMINDER: So you think you are good in micro-ing units when in battle? That's good. BUT unfortunately, that won't help in Bot Arena 2. When the bots are in battle, they cannot be controlled by humans. They can only be controlled by AI. That means you need to give them the best possible upgrades before sending them to battle to increase your chances of victory.

OK, I have been talking about upgrades for some time now. Let's take a closer look at it. Now, there are 3 levels of upgrades you can purchase. First we have the chassis. Then the plating, and last BUT definitely NOT the least, the components. Components are on top of the plating. The plating, on the other hand, is installed on top of the chassis.

Chassis - to keep things simple, this is what makes up the BOT. This defines how your bot looks like. The bot uses the chassis to move and this is where the artificial intelligence is held, which is protected by very basic shielding.

Plating - self explanatory, plating gives your bot extra protection. When your bots are sent to the arena, they will receive fire whether you like it or not. You want your bots to be able to withstand fire long enough until they destroy the enemies and win the battle. Plating does that. Without it, they are rendered incomplete and unable to enter the battle.

Component - usually, components are weapons your bots use to attack other bots. They can be other tools, however. For example, you can designate a bot to repair other damaged bots in battle. To do so, you need to install the correct component... one that repairs fellow and damaged bots.

By the way, one last tip: if you want to accumulate a lot of cash for upgrades, don't hesitate playing a match more than once even if you have won it. Doing so allows you to build emergency cash that you can use when your team of bots is on a set back, to fall back to when you experience defeat, and for beefing up your bots to jump and skip other minor battles and get on with the major ones.