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Blosics Instructions

Just like most puzzle based strategy games out there, the controls of Blosics is very straightforward and simple to handle. For the most part, you need your mouse and the left click button. Use it to aim as well as charge your fire. Once you have achieved the strength or power that you want, just release it and see those green blocks tumble. If you are looking for a puzzle based strategy game that will really get you thinking, this one is an excellent candidate.

Blosics Walkthrough

The premise and objective of the game is very straightforward and simple to understand: you need to throw the blocks (green blocks to be specific) off of the platform. Along with that, you need to score 100 over 100 to move on to the next level. Nothing fancy or complex as far as objectives go, BUT the game itself is far from being easy. For one thing, there is another type of block in the game: the red ones.

So what's with these red blocks you may ask? Well, if you need to send the green ones crashing down to score, doing the same for the red blocks will reduce your score! YES, you better not touch them if you want to score as much as you can. This alone makes the game very puzzling, which is something you want out of a puzzle game.

With only 10 levels, you may think that this game is a piece of cake. Well, surprise! Hell no! Being a physics based puzzle and strategy game, nothing is cut and dried in this game. You need to rely on your feel...the feel for the strength of the shot and the shot itself as well as a good feel for the platform the blocks are on and the stuff surrounding it.

Now, here are a couple of tips and tricks that should help you go the extra mile in Blosics (so you won't end up like me, scoring an abysmal 146 points!). NEVER ever be trigger happy in this game. You see, shooting costs points - 4 points as far as I have observed. Before you touch that mouse, you better have an idea what you want to happen with the ball and how it will hit and send the green blocks crashing down. Bottom line: make every shot count.

Another thing you shouldn't abuse: the restart button at the bottom part of the screen. Now, there are cases when you need to use it. For example, the remaining green blocks are NOT enough to give you a 100/100 score. Hit the restart button because that's the only option you have. BUT at 10 points per restart, it's something you want to think about. Make sure all of your resources are exhausted and your situation is that desperate.

The platforms - there are 3 of them. If you don't know these, they can hinder your progress. First off, the stone platform. This one is fairly neutral so nothing special here. Up next, we have the rubber, which is bouncy. You can use the rubber platforms in a level to make a ball bounce and hit the cluster of blocks at the right spot. This is especially useful if there's a bunch of red blocks on the way. Next, we have the ice platform.

This one is slippery so the effect of your shot is almost doubled. In case you have a couple of green blocks mixed with the red ones on top of an icy platform, you may want to tone down the power of your shot to make sure the number of red blocks tumbled are kept to a minimum.