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BigTree Defense Instructions

Upgrade your seedling to add limbs by clicking your seedling with the left mouse button and then clicking the upgrade button. Add limbs to your seedling by clicking the seedling with the left mouse button and clicking the limb you want to add with the left mouse button. Purchase, upgrade and place weapons by clicking with the left mouse button. Rotate a limb by clicking it with the left mouse button and dragging it into a new position with the mouse.

BigTree Defense Walkthrough

BigTree Defense is an excellent tower defense strategy game that does things a little differently than most of the other tower defense strategy games online. While most games in the genre present you with a map and a series of towers or turrets you can place along the map to defeat attacking waves of enemies, this game gives you a seedling you must grow and expand; equipping it with weapons and upgrading those weapons as you try to reach your goal. The premise of the game delivers a message - or attempts to anyway. At the beginning, you find yourself on our very own planet Earth but things are a bit different on the Earth in this game versus the Earth we know know. The environment has been more or less destroyed by pollution and deforestation leaving it wide open for attack by a race of evil insects intent on taking over. Your only defense is your seedling. If you fail, the insects will destroy your seedling and take over the earth - certainly not something you want to allow to happen. You'll need to build a strong defense to fight off the bugs but you'll also need to find a good balance between spending water and the upgrade points you earn if you want to survive. It isn't an easy game, but the first levels are fairly slow and allow you the chance to get used to how the game is played before things start getting really difficult.

When you first begin playing BigTree Defense, you will have the chance to purchase your first weapons. To purchase weapons you'll need to use upgrade points. You start the game with twenty upgrade points but you'll earn more as you play. You'll see all the information you need to make a smart weapon choice on the 'upgrade and equip' screen. You'll already have a basic fruit cannon when you begin playing but you'll be able to upgrade it to another level from the 'upgrade and equip screen'. The fruit cannon is a solid weapon, but to truly be effective, especially in later levels, you'll need to upgrade it. If you've already purchased a weapon, instead of seeing 'buy' on the weapon's panel, you'll see 'level up'. It's important to remember that during battle, any weapon you place on your seedling will be in its basic, un-upgraded form. You can upgrade it once it's placed on your seedling but only to the level you've upgraded it to in the 'upgrade and equip screen'. For example, if you skipped the upgrade and equip screen when you first begin playing, you can place a fruit cannon on your seedling and you can upgrade it, but only to level two as you won't have purchased any additional upgrades with your upgrade points. Alternatively, if you've purchased additional upgrades in the upgrade and equip screen you will be able to upgrade the weapon higher during the level. Upgrades are important. They improve the efficiency of your weapon and allow them to perform better during battle. Each weapon can be upgraded to level five. Once you've purchased and upgraded a weapon in the upgrade and equip screen, you can place as many of the weapons on your seedling as you're able to during battle as long as you have the water and the space on the seedling to place it.

What really makes BigTree Defense so different from and so much more difficult than many of the other tower defense strategy games online is that you need to use upgrade points to purchase weapons and water to place the weapons on your seedling during levels. You purchase and upgrade weapons using the upgrade points you earn during battle and then place them on your seedling using water. On the upgrade and equip screen, the number of upgrade points you have to spend is shown at the top right of the screen. During battle, the amount of water you have to use is shown at the bottom right of the screen. Both of these things are extremely important. This is little use in buying the more advanced weapons if you can't build a defense strong enough to fight off enemies during the beginning stages of the battle to earn water to place the more advanced weapons. The best way to get through the levels in this game is to place basic towers to begin with such as the fruit cannon. Place multiple cannons and upgrade them as high as you can upgrade them. Later in the level, you can sell any cannons you no longer need for water. Replace the cannon you sold with a more advanced weapon and upgrade that. If you plan everything right, you should have little problem getting through the levels. You can also use water to repair any damage your seedling takes during battle while the battle is still taking place. This is a great option that will help your game last longer. Pay attention to the health of your seedling (shown on the right side of the game screen). When you notice your health is getting low, top it up. Don't wait until you're almost out of health. It will cost more water and often times, won't be enough to save you. Top up after every tough battle and you should be fine.

Overall, BigTree Defense is a game of careful thinking and careful planning. You need to watch how much water you have and make sure you leave yourself with enough to upgrade your seedling, add new limbs and put weapons on those limbs. You also need to make sure you use those upgrade points to buy new upgrades for your weapons between levels. Owning every weapon isn't necessary if you use them correctly, but it's a very good idea to have every weapon you do own upgraded to level five. You'll need to purchase those upgrades from the upgrade and equip screen, so make sure you don't forget or skip over it. Otherwise, you might find yourself in need of an upgrade only to find there isn't one available. Finally, Shine Flowers are your friend. Get them as quickly as possible and buy upgrades up to level five. They'll help you get through a lot of the tougher levels later in the game. They deliver a fair bit of damage, cover decent ground and will deliver damage to every enemy in range. They're definitely good to have in place even if they do cost a lot of water. Whether you're new to tower defense strategy games or an experienced player, this is a game that must be played at least once. It's a lot of fun, completely addictive and will keep you entertained game after game.