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Avalon: Last Stand Instructions

The controls for Avalon: Last Stand is easy to pick up and understand just like most strategy games. For the most part, you will need to use your mouse especially for moving your spells from the research area to the action bar to activate and use it. The mouse is also used for taking out those monsters that get tougher and tougher as the game lasts longer. HOWEVER, there are some keys you also need to remember to speed up things... to kill and take out more monsters in half the time. Believe me, you are going to need these hot keys. For selecting active spells, just use the number keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 (that's if your active spell lots are already filled). If you are on the ropes, and if you need some time to think about the spells you have to use, which enemies to take out first, etc., just hit the H or P button to pause the game. This also brings up the basic in-game instructions. Once you are all set, just press the same button - P or H, to resume the game.

Avalon: Last Stand Walkthrough

RPG and strategy games genre have been known for their strategic depth. Nah, if you are playing games belonging to this genre, spamming the left click button (or any button for that matter) alone is NOT enough to bring home victory or to survive the onslaught. You need to THINK - that's the keyword. Your decision making skills are just as important as your fingers' speed and reflexes.

What if you combine the best elements of RPG, tower defense, and strategy games? No doubt, that would be one hell of a ride for lovers of these genres. And the good news is that it's all here: Avalon: Last Stand!

Created by MaxGames.com, this unique mash-up of RPG, tower defense, and strategy game elements takes you to the fictional world of Venimar. Once a beautiful land, everything was changed when an evil mage came into power. Creating hordes and hordes of evil creatures who won't stop at anything until everything is destroyed, the human race is on the brink of extinction.

After pulverizing the nearby cities with pure hate, you and your walled city, Avalon, is the only thing that is standing up against the evil and hideous horde of creatures. Your success or failure could mean the restoration of mankind or its extinction. Playing as a mage of great power, you need to use your spells to ward off the invasion.

The goal here is very straightforward: you need to keep the monsters from reaching the main tower for as long as you can. Hold the wretched army for the longest time and you will have the highest score.

Looking at the variety of monsters, this is NOT an easy task. While they somewhat look the same (except for their size), each of these monsters have different capabilities. Some of them are exceptionally fast. If left unattended, they will reach your city's walls in a moment's notice and they will pounce on your walls.

Some, on the other hand, are really tough. They have been built from top to bottom to absorb damage... LOTS of it. While they do move slow, they do an excellent job of serving as a meat shield. This allows their partners in crime to get up close and do their thing, while you focus on these larger and tougher monsters.

There are monsters that carry this ball of energy. Be careful with these guys. That thing they are holding explodes when they are killed and deals damage to those around them... including your walls. Make sure you take them out from afar.

And those are just some of the creatures you will face in this strategy game!

HOWEVER, don't fret. You are not defenseless. With 20 spells at your disposal, you are a force to be reckoned with. These spells are divided into 3 categories: there are attack spells like the Lightning and Meteor; Tactics spells that trap enemies; and passive spells that are meant to augment the damage and reduce the cooldown of your spells.

The more monsters you kill, the MORE mana you gain for researching new spells. Once you level up, learn a new spell that you can use against those monsters. One note about researching spells: the more spells you research, the longer it takes to finish. Take it one at a time.

Beefed up with MORE than ok graphics, comes with a nice and unique game play, and very challenging even for the most seasoned gamers - this is Avalon: Last Stand. Give it a shot and you'll love it!