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Alliant Instructions

Alliant is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and place structures. Click and drag to select units, then click to order them to move or to attack. Keyboard shortcuts can be viewed by clicking "List of Shortcut" under the help menu.

Alliant Walkthrough

Alliant is a strategy game where you are humanity's last hope for survival on a colonial world. Alliant features great graphics, excellent voice acting, a thrilling storyline, and twenty-four achievements!

The objective of Alliant is to destroy the enemy bases while keeping yours intact on each level. You will have to properly use a variety of soldiers, towers, and tactics to accomplish this goal. This strategy game has fifteen levels in all. If this is too much for one sitting, you can save your game from the Starship Map screen by clicking the save button in the lower-left corner and selecting a save slot. To continue your game the next time that you play, select the continue option on the main menu followed by the save slot that you used.

The control scheme of Alliant is similar to that of a real-time strategy game such as StarCraft or Command and Conquer, although the vantage point is horizontal and two-dimensional rather than top-down or isometric. Place structures by clicking on their icons on the right side of the screen, then clicking where you want to place them. You can only place structures on flat land. Queue units by clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom of the screen. Units are selected by clicking and dragging a box around them, and ordered by clicking on their destination or target once selected. You can also hold down the shift key while clicking on a soldier to select all soldiers of that type. This strategy game also uses a plethora of keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are not necessary, but may help you out. To view a list of shortcuts, click the help button (?) in the lower-right corner, then click "List of Shortcut".

After completing each mission in Alliant, you will earn upgrade points. These points can be used to unlock units, increase your starting money, increase the interest made on your money, and upgrade your turrets. I advise you to upgrade your starting money and interest first since there are no resources to harvest in this strategy game, and the only ways to make more money is by earning interest, selling structures, or killing enemies. Additional units will also be important as you progress, but having more money is good enough for the first levels since you can offset quality by using quantity.

Alliant is an excellent blend of defense and real-time strategy game. Do your part and save humanity in Alliant!