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Airport Tycoon Instructions

Airport Tycoon is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to purchase items, direct passengers, direct aircraft, and interact with the game's interface.

Airport Tycoon Walkthrough

Airport Tycoon is an addicting tycoon game that puts you in control of your own regional airport. This game features cute graphics and addictive, challenging gameplay.

The goal of Airport Tycoon is to manage a regional airline while meeting your monthly quotas. You will have to achieve all of your goals each month before you are allowed to proceed to the next zone. In order to see the goals that you have yet to accomplish, simply open the goals tab in the upper-right of the game's interface.

In order to keep your customers satisfied in Airport Tycoon, you must plan your flight routes carefully. Pay attention to the color of the shirt on each passenger, as this indicates their destination. You must also pay attention to the small colored icons that appear at other airports, since these indicate passengers waiting to travel to and from other destinations. You will want to plot courses the minimize flight time in order to save money and keep your customers happy. If your customers become unhappy, your airline may lose popularity, and will will certainly lose money in this tycoon game!

Airport Tycoon also allows you to upgrade your terminal. You may want to buy some extra seats to keep your passengers comfortable while they wait to board their flights. It is also a good idea to buy some food stands to keep your customers busy and happy. Food stands will also provide a small portion of income which may be used towards more upgrades. It takes money to make money in this tycoon game.

If you have ever wanted to dabble in the business side of civil aviation, then Airport Tycoon is just the tycoon game for you. Airport Tycoon has so much to offer, that you can spend hours on this delightful business game. The sky's the limit in Airport Tycoon!