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Age of War 2 Instructions

Nothing really complex, mind boggling, or finger twisting as far as controls go. You just need your mouse, especially the left click button for the most part. Click to upgrade and buy turrets and turret spaces. Click to train and spawn offensive units. Basically, you will be clicking your way to victory... or defeat.

Age of War 2 Walkthrough

So you are on the hunt for a hybrid of defense and strategy games where the wheel of time turns and civilizations, technologies, etc. come and pass? Yeah? Cool! We have a very fine example here - Age Of War 2. In this game, you need to keep your fortress and walls secure with enough defensive units and structures while going on the offensive and crushing your enemies from the other side of the field.

YES, if you want to get far in this defense strategy game, you better learn how to keep offense and defense in balance. Now, there's really no story. BUT do we really need one? I don't think so, especially when you consider that each of us wants a challenge BIGGER than the one we faced earlier. Peace is never really an option. :)

As for the game itself, it's NOT really complex. To spawn units, you just click on their portraits located on top of the screen and that sends them marching towards the enemy base in a straight line. On the other hand, your opponent will do the same.

When your forces meet in the middle of the map, they take on each other. Demolishing enemies grants you gold as well as experience points, which is your bread and butter in this game. You need them for upgrading your troops and defenses...enabling you to advance forward in time. Well, guess what: the enemy will also do the same. And if they get the upgrades before you do, you will be easily outclassed.

Being left behind in technology is a BIG no no in defense and strategy games... especially when you are playing Age Of War 2.

Comparing Age Of War and Age Of War 2, I would say the sequel is way MORE polished than its older brother. For one thing, the original Age Of War is jam packed and dumped with links, which I find really annoying and distracting. The core game play, HOWEVER, stays the same. With that in mind, it helps if you have played the original game. If you haven't though, it's still OK as the game's ins and outs... the basics should be picked up within a minute or two.

One last reminder: it's really fun to watch your troops evolve and advance through age. HOWEVER, the longer you wait the beefier the enemy's base gets since you both get to upgrade. It's actually better to take them out as soon as you can. BUT if you don't find that fun and want to see your forces reach their prime and highest potential, so be it. But achieving victory might be twice or thrice as hard when that time comes.