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Age of War Instructions

Use your mouse for the most part as in Age Of War (well, that actually goes for most strategy games out there). Nothing really fancy or complicated as far as controls go.

Age of War Walkthrough

Coming with 5 different ages and stages together with different game modes spanning from Normal to Impossible, Age Of War is one of those strategy games that will surely keep you busy for the hours to come. If you are having trouble getting through the Impossible Mode (no wonder it's called that way), the following strat and tips and tricks should help you A HECK LOT!

Age 1: First off, wait for 5 to 6 enemies to appear on the screen and use your special. With the cash you earn from demolishing the enemies, buy an egg automatic and spend the rest of the money on club men. Whenever you have the cash for it, buy club men and whenever possible, execute your special.

The money earned from the special attack should be used for buying a dino rider or two. Keep this strategy up until you reach 4000 experience.

Age 2: Just keep your egg automatic and start buying as many swordsmen as possible. Execute a special when you get the opportunities and once you have 500 coins, grab a knight who can dispose a couple of enemies single handedly. Remember the sequence: grab 10 swordsmen, grab a knight for 500 goins, execute a special. Follow this until you have 14000 experience.

Age 3: As you and your army gets upgraded and evolves, spend your money on duellers and once you have the cash for it, upgrade the turret capacity. After that, save up for a small, or better yet medium canon. Watch as it shoots down a couple of enemies, which should help you earn more gold. Don't let the gold sit there... buy duellers and send them out. And keep in mind, use your special whenever possible and when you need to protect your soldiers.

You also want to save up for a cannoneer and use the special so he can go further and demolish more enemies in the process. Keep this strategy up until you have amassed 45000 experience.

Age 4: For age 4, you need more cash more than anything else. With that in mind, wait for 5 enemies to appear on the screen and use a special to net you about 13000 to 15000 coins - which will come handy for buying that double turret. Let the turret and your other canons do its job - which is to shoot down every single enemy in sight. When you have the cash for it, buy all of the turret spaces and continue the rampage with your canons.

Next stop, grab another double turret and use the special with it. It should have cooled down by now. After that, spend the rest of your cash on your melee infantry. Keep this strategy up - buying double turrets, using your special, and sending out a couple of tanks when possible.

Age 5: OK I'm not spilling the beans on this one. It's for you to discover. It's not really impossible. And I think it wouldn't be too thrilling if I spill down the beans. :D